Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Hi All!

Sorry I didn't get any posts up this weekend. I was busy studying for my finals which are on Tuesday. I also did a few other things.

On Saturday, Hubby and I went to see the musical Rent.

Apparently, Hubby and I have been living under a rock for the past million years because we seemed to be the only two people in the audience who hadn't seen Rent before. We also seemed to be the only people who hadn't memorized all of the songs as well as all of the entrances for the actors.

Hubby and I had no clue why people were literally screaming seconds before certain actors walked onto the stage for the first time. We also didn't know which lyrics were being covered up by wild applause and cheering during certain songs in the show.

Is it just us? Do you all know Rent by heart?

Anyway, the musical was enjoyable. The sound was a little too loud at times, especially when two people were singing a duet, and it made it nearly impossible to actually hear what was being sung. The actors all had amazing voices which made the solos particularly enjoyable. The ensemble work blended well but it seemed like the women were out sung and they were a bit hard to hear when everyone got going.

The setting was simple - one set with movable tables and chairs to depict different places. This really let you focus on the story and the actors. The costumes were nice even though they were pretty pedestrian. The character of Angel, a drag queen, certainly brightened up the place with his/her bright costumes which included a Santa outfit with zebra striped tights and high heels.

Over all, this was a good show to see. Three of the cast were originators of their roles on Broadway (which might be why people were so darn excited to see them walk on stage) and one was an American Idol contestant who dropped out of AI to perform on this tour.

Definitely worth seeing if it shows up in your city.

My only real gripe - the soundtrack was selling for $36 and that was a bit out of my price range. I am looking on eBay and found one for just over $11. Maybe when I get it I will have a chance to listen to the songs a bit more closely to figure out just what was said during the cheering.

Next, I spent an evening making these.

I scanned these so the picture quality isn't too hot but . . . they are book thongs. You know, bookmarks! I plan on giving some to my ASL class buddies tomorrow. I think they turned out really well and . . . as an added bonus, I got to make them while watching Grey's Anatomy! Yeah!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a great Monday. It is raining here! Lovely!


Voice Update: Well . . . it is a bit rocky right now. Why? Well, I had a very, very annoying "tickle" in my throat starting on Friday which is slowly turning into a nice, full blown cold (just in time for finals!). Anyway, the tickle REALLY made me want to cough to get rid of it. Coughing, in case you don't know, isn't very good for your vocal cords. So - I resisted as much as possible but . . . eventually, the tickle won out and I started coughing. And coughing. And coughing. Fun. Today my voice is very deep and hoarse from the coughing and the "gunk" which is draining down the back of my throat. Darn cold!


Coffee Bean said...

Good luck on your final tomorrow!!! The bookmarks are darling... and the cactus is lovely! I've never seen Rent... LOL!

Flea said...

Pretty, pretty book thongs! I love and use mine. Thank you!

I've never seen rent. But then, the last real musical I saw was in New Orleans. When I was 12.

Mental P Mama said...

RENT is wonderful! And so are those book thongs!

noble pig said...

Book thongs? I thought this was a family show?

Yes, rent OMG...yes you are the only ones who don't know it by heart! It's so awesome.

asthmagirl said...

I have not seen Rent either. I'm glad you had a good time!

Chris H said...

I have not seen or heard Rent either.
Those book thongs are adorable.. you do have my address eh? LOL