Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Friday Adventures

Hi All!

It is Saturday and I am feeling pretty refreshed after over-sleeping! Yes, I overslept and didn't get in my morning walk! Luckily, Hubby and I took a walk last night after dinner so I sort of made up for missing this morning proactively!

Here is a look at what has been going on at my house lately . . .

I saw this at the grocery and just had to try it. I have seen them before but never actually had the guts to buy one. This week . . . I decided to go for it!

Does it look like this has a little face on it? I like the way coconuts look. So hairy and cute. If you look really hard you can see a ring around the coconut towards the bottom. That is a score line which is supposed to make the coconut easy to open. We will see about that!
Skor has found a new favorite place to hang out.

I had to cut the handles so he didn't get stuck in them. When he first tried to get in the bag, he got his head through the handle and then couldn't get out. He was a little panicky but let me unhook him. Then I got out the scissors.

Yesterday I went to Wal Mart and just strolled around looking. I found these cuties on sale for only one dollar! Needless to say, I snatched them right up. Who can pass up cheapy shoes which are cute AND colorful? I also snagged a pair of red ones for my mother. Gee - now I have to get them in the mail to her!

Tomorrow (or Monday) I will continue the coconut saga (is it REALLY easy open??) and fill you in on more Wal Mart happenings. As for today - I will tell you that I made homemade spaghetti sauce . . .it wasn't too bad but I still need to work on a good recipe!


Voice Update: Doing well. My throat is a bit gunky (the last of the gunk from the cold - I HOPE!) and crunchy but getting better.


asthmagirl said...

Glad your voice is improving. I have never seen an easy open coconut. I'll be waiting for the results!

Chris H said...

I havn't had coconut like that in years, I love it. Must find me some!
Those shoes are too cute, and only a dollar! SCORE.

Mental P Mama said...

That coconut is fascinating. Can't wait to see if it was easy;)