Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi All!

I had planned to show you some more photos from my new camera but . . . blogger isn't cooperating so . . . maybe tomorrow!

Yesterday was a good day. Trying to get back into a routine after classes and my killer cold - which, happily, is almost gone from my life. The morning walk is back on the schedule and going well. So far this week the mornings have been cool which makes it really nice to walk. So far, the weights and Wii are waiting to be put back into the morning line-up but, they will!

Happily, I managed to read a lot (sooo much better than plunking myself in front of the tv - this way my brain has to work!) and play the piano. The piano is something I have been neglecting for a while since I had classwork to do. Now I am getting back into it. Skor - who you may remember likes to climb IN the piano- has taken to sitting either on the bench next to me or right under the bench while I play. Last night he even got on the piano and tried to get in it while I was playing. I am pretty sure that he got his paw smacked with one of the hammers.

I don't think he will try that again!

Hey! I got a picture! No - I got two. Hold on . . . I am going to try for a few more . . . Okay. I got three pictures and I am not going to press my luck for going with more. Here are the selections for today.

Hubby and I walked on the golf course and I got some interesting sun-set pictures.

It was bit dark so . . .not the best but I like it. Also, if I had Photoshop I am sure I could work with this a bit.

Next up is a picture of the Heron we saw strolling along the little creek. I tried to get closer but . . . when I got too close (just right for a good picture) the Heron flew away. Can you blame it?

Final shot of the day - another sunset. I like the orange sky in this shot.

Those are today's pictures from my birthday camera! Hope you enjoyed!


Voice Update: Doing okay. I really need to step up my program though. Getting into a new routine and including my old ones is a bit tough.


Jeannelle said...

Your photos are lovely! Enjoy your new camera. You could put the sunset one on SkyWatch this week (there's a link in my sidebar).

Thank you for visiting my blog! Its fun to meet new commenters. Blessings to you each day in your walk of life!

Mental P Mama said...

That present is really getting it's welcome!