Monday, May 25, 2009

So Much to Say . . .

Hi All!

Normally, I have some problems trying to think of what to say in my blog. Today . . . I have too much to say and not enough space to say it in. Oh well! I guess I will start and then save some for future posts.

I think I will start with this.

You remember that I said I had an easy open coconut, right? Well, here is the scoop.

The first step was to piece the "softest of the eyes" and drain the liquid. Finding which was the softest eye was interesting but . . . I did it.

The "water" drained really slowly out of the coconut. I just kept shaking and shaking . . . I tasted it because I have seen people drink it from coconuts on those travel shows.
Not my cup of tea!
The next step was to "tap along the grove to open and get to flesh."

This was my first attempt. Failed! Next, I tried several things which I didn't end up taking pictures of due to my rising frustration.
I tried a regular screwdriver - hitting it with my hand. Nothing.
Next, I moved on to a larger flat head screwdriver and a hammer. It took a while but that did the trick - after a lot of pounding which scared both cats into hiding!
I finally cracked open the coconut (again - no pictures! Sorry!)! Victory! I tried some of the coconut.
Now, I don't know if the kind that comes in the package from the store is sweetened or what but this stuff . . . not too palatable in my opinion.
Not wanting to waste coconut I put the two halves in the fridge where they are still lurking. What do I do with it now???
Happy Memorial Day!
Voice Update: Doing well. That is all I am saying today.


Flea said...

When we were kids we'd use our allowances to buy coconuts. We'd put them in the giant vice and use chisels and hammers and whatever we could find to open them. I don't remember if dad let us use the blow torch or not. Probably not.

When we got them open, I LOVED the coconut meat! It's soft and sweet and nutty, almost like pecan. Not a big fan of the shredded stuff from the store, though. Scrape out the fresh meat and YUM!

Mental P Mama said...

I'm sorry, but I am laughing out loud at this. I love all things coconut--except the real thing! I have no suggestions for what to do with that sucker. I say chuck it, and go buy some shredded stuff;)