Saturday, May 30, 2009

Care Pages

Hi All!

Do you know about Care Pages? I just found out about them today when my friend with Cancer let me know about her blog there. Apparently, Care Pages is a blog host for people with serious health problems (like cancer!). There are also links to find hints and tips from others with the same kind of problem and support for you and your family. It is really interesting.

Currently, I am reading about my friend's journey with cancer. Apparently, it all starting in February when, at a regular checkup, the doctor found the mass in her abdomen. That lead to many appointments with doctors and surgery. And then a second surgery when another tumor was found.

My friend and her husband take turns blogging. He blogs when she is unable and then she takes over when she is feeling better. It is an intimate and touching picture of their lives dealing with cancer.

Whoever thought up Care Pages is amazing. Such a great place to put feelings into words and to find support.

Please continue to pray for my friend and her family as they continue their journey.

I will leave you with another of my sunset pictures. Hubby says I am turning into a sunset "junky!" I can't get enough!

Have a super weekend!


Voice Update: Still doing well.


Mental P Mama said...

I will hold her in my thoughts and prayers. What a wonderful forum....

noble pig said...

That is so wonderful and I think very helpful for those who feel out of touch because they are ill.