Monday, May 18, 2009

My Birthday Present

Hi All!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It was nice to hear from so many of my blogging friends! My birthday was very nice. I didn't do too much but had time to relax, read, play the piano, and make some bookmarks.
Hubby gave me a nice present.

My very own "purse camera!" AND it is pink - my favorite color! I am so excited.

Isn't it pretty? I like the reflection in the desk (!!) too!

It has a nice big screen to view things through and a handy strap to keep me from dropping it into weird places.
The camera has all kinds of fun settings to explore - which I promptly did much to Hubby's amusement. I skipped all over the house and took all kinds of weird pictures to test things out.
This photo is using the "up close" setting. I think it worked pretty well.

This is another close up of a paperweight .

I moved on to odd "still life" scenes. Like this . . .

Of course my kitties were fair game during the testing process.

Skor was being so cute peeking through the rungs on his favorite place to nap - one of our bar stools - but I just couldn't get a good picture. This one is close!

I caught Miss Cleo in a rather awkward pose but . . . I think it works for her!
There are many, many other pictures just waiting to "thrill you" on my blog but . . . I think that is enough for now. Blogger and I are not playing nice when it comes to moving pictures today!
Happy Monday!
Voice Update: I still have a surprising amount of "gunk" in my throat which makes my voice sound a bit hoarse once in a while but . . . my voice isn't doing too badly. I was having problems with words starting with "c" yesterday for some reason. It is always something!


Coffee Bean said...

OH!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Belated Birthday!!! Your hubby is a sweetie and I look forward to seeing more pictures from you in the future!

Mental P Mama said...

A perfect gift! Enjoy;)

noble pig said...

I love the paperweight photo, I'd love to use my fish eye lens on it.

Flea said...

I love your pretty pink purse camera! And happy 40th birthday!!!!

I killed my pink purse camera tonight. ALWAYS put the strap around your wrist. Rocks are not kind to purse cameras. *sniff*

asthmagirl said...

I love the cat pictures! How fun that camera will be in the months to come while you're out on your walks!