Friday, May 22, 2009

This and That

Hi All!

This morning it was a little warm for my morning walk. 71 degrees with virtually no wind. It really makes me think about what is to come in the Texas summer! Sweating if good for me, right?

My clematis - one of the two plants I have - is blooming. In fact there are multiple blooms at one. Sadly, the white clematis is not too showy against the white fence. oh well! I still enjoy the blooms!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this. A duck egg in my cactus! Can you say "ouch?"

Later Hubby told me that he had found the egg in the yard and put it in the cactus. He was thoughtful when I told him that the ducks certainly wouldn't sit on it in there.
I really like yellow flowers in summer - so bright and cheery. Here is my close-up version of my own lovely yellow blooms.

On other topics. . . last night I dug my knitting bag out of the closet. I needed something to do while watching tv with Hubby and didn't feel like reading (besides, Hubby was hogging the side of the couch with the good reading light). Now, I am far from being an experienced knitter. I have done several projects but am still still a strictly amateur at the craft. However, there is something soothing in knitting. The feel of the yarn and the needles in your hands.
We will see how my project goes. I am infamous for starting things and then not following through to the end.
Voice Update: Pretty good. Still have a crunchy throat but the massage is helping.

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Mental P Mama said...

I love that egg! I found one in the bottom of the pool last year! Are you knitting yourself a bathing suit? ;)