Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Block and Cancer Sniffers

Hi All!

Remember just a few days ago when I said that I had a lot of things to post about and would have to choose one to share each day? Remember that? Well . . . I have apparently lost all memory of those many things. I can't think of anything to post today!

I have blog block!

I know! I will try to retrace my thoughts. When was I thinking about the blog last? Right before I fell asleep. I was in bed pondering the story line of The English Patient which I had just finished reading. Then I was thinking about my blog . . .but WHAT was I thinking?

Rats! It isn't coming to me!

I did remember that I can do a book review soon, I also have pictures to load onto the computer and share with you. I can also tell you that Skor was very good last night - he only came in and started his "nuzzling" routine at about six in the morning.

Wait . . . it is coming to me! I remember!

On one of the podcasts that I listen to, I recently heard about animals that can sense illnesses - epilepsy seizures, diabetes, cancer, etc. There was one anecdote about a woman whose dog kept licking and nuzzling a mole on her arm. She went to get it checked out and it turned out to be melanoma!

There was also a story about Oscar the cat who "senses" when people in the nursing home are about to die. He curls up on their bed to keep them company until the end.

The research which has been done on this topic points to the superior sense of smell that most animals have. It is thought that dogs and cats can smell cancer and other illnesses and can be trained to alert people to these problems.

So . . . I was thinking . . . do you think Skor is nuzzling my throat because he can smell that something is wrong with it?

An odd thing to think about!


Voice Update: My throat is a bit sore from Susan but my voice is still doing very well. I am a bit "down" on the whole SD advocacy thing though. I have been for a while (since my last rant) but, I am sure I will get back "up" again soon!

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Mental P Mama said...

Yikes! I think Skor is just snuggling;)