Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Cures What Ails You

Hi All!

Well, my folks and my uncle are safely back in Ohio after their visit, Hubby is off to work, the thunder is rumbling outside, and I am feeling a teeny, tiny bit better.

Yesterday, I used that wonder of wonders that seems to cure just about everything . . . sleep. I decided to take a nap right after my parents and uncle left and ended up sleeping for about 5 hours. I woke up feeling much better. Thirsty but much better!

When I got up I watched a Nora Roberts movie which I had recorded from Lifetime - Northern Lights (I think). It was fun. I then realized that there are at least four other Nora Roberts movies that I can watch. I see my plans for the rest of the week! Of course, that will have to be after I am done with my LONG naps.

I am bound and determined that this darn cold will be out of here as soon as possible and sleep seems to be the best medicine right now. Skor doesn't like for me to take long naps and wakes me up about every hour - I like to think he does it to make sure I am still alive but . . . who knows what is going on in his little head!

Speaking of Skor - his neck is still not better. Well, let me clarify. The growth seems to be smaller but it is not going away. I suppose that means I will be calling the vet soon and taking Skor back in for another "look see!" Pets can be such fun!

Ah! The thunder is rumbling and crackling away outside. I love that sound! My mom thought I was nuts a while ago when we were at a dollar store and I bought a CD of thunderstorms. She didn't understand why I would want to hear a thunderstorm. They are my relaxation tapes. Much, much better than almost anything else I have found.

Well, I guess that is about it for my boring post of the day. I think/hope things will pick up when I am finally rid of this cold.


Voice Update: I didn't end up going to speech yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I decided that if I was falling asleep while talking to my parents it might not be a good idea for me to drive 30 minutes on Texas highways to go to speech. Besides . . . I was in dire need of sleep! My voice is sounding hoarse and deeper due to the cold. I am doing my massage and things are remarkably loose for the moment. Weird.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for visiting my puppy's blog!
He loves all the attention.
He couldn't bear wearing the collar all....
hope your cats are well.

Chris H said...

I love thunder storms too!
When we lived in Palmerston North I think we had 1 in the entire 6.5 years we were there! So sad.
Now we are up in Auckland we can expect heaps over winter... that is so cool!