Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Really Am Not Liking Skor Today!

Hi All!

I am tired. Very, very tired. This is due partly because Hubby decided to stay awake watching television until well past 11:30 P.M. It is also partly (and mainly) due to my kitty, Skor.

What could Skor have to do with me being tired? Well, let me tell you!

This morning at about five in the morning, well before my alarm was set to go off, I got a fuzzy visitor in my bed. Skor hopped up and began to literally try to burrow through my neck.

The burrowing is something that Skor has always done and, normally, it can be very cute. He likes to get his head in the hollow between my neck and shoulder and then he nestles there purring and kneading my shoulder (or neck or face or whatever). Normally, a good thing.

This morning . . . not a good thing. He was particularly violent in his burrowing and his usually gently kneading was very hard and involved claws. Despite all of my efforts to keep his paws out of my face, he was bound and determined to have his paws there. Skor's efforts were go vigorous that even Hubby - who sleeps like a rock - woke up and tried to distract Skor from his obvious mission.

Let me just say that I am not too happy about my early wake up call!

Sometimes, when Hubby forgets to fill the food bowls before going to bed, Skor wakes me up (gently) to let me know that he is hungry. This is normally when Miss Cleo also joins in the fun or sits in the doorway watching. They are a good team.

This morning - the bowls had plenty of food.

I don't know what was up with Skor but . . .. I am not liking him too much today.


Voice Update: Speech yesterday. Susan was surprised that my voice was doing so well after my cold and the stress of finals, etc. Also, my throat was a bit crunchy but not too bad at all! We did some tests on pitch and breath support, etc. on the computer and saw that my voice is really improved from even three months ago. Yeah! Of course, we both understand that there is no guarantee that my voice will stay like this forever but for the next few weeks . . . I think I am good to go!


asthmagirl said...

I think all pets can be unpredicatable.... cats moreso than dogs (usually).
Last night Cassie got down from the bed at 3:30 and made it out to the hallway. I don't know where she was going, but I don't allow her to wander during the night. I got up and hauled her back to bed. She settled back down, but I didn't appreciate her efforts!

Mental P Mama said...

Why are all our pets in charge? Really?

Flea said...

I can't tell you how many times I've thrown cats across a room and into a wall for behavior like that. They have rubber bones, I think. Just keep coming back for more. it's the squirt bottle of water that schools 'em.