Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Travelin' Man

Hi All!

Today I woke up early (for me these days - late for me when I was a working woman!) and took Hubby to the airport. He is off to that ET haven, Roswell, New Mexico. I hear even the Wal Mart there is alien themed. It is only hearsay because Hubby refuses to take a picture for me!

Anyway - Hubby is off and I miss him already! He is only going to be gone until Thursday afternoon and on Wednesday my parents will be coming for a visit. I won't be alone for long (Rats! I mean, uh . . . yeah!) but I just can't help missing Hubby!

Now, for at least one day before he travels, Hubby is quite a piece of work. He is grumpy and cranky and uncommunicative, and looking for a fight. He shoots looks at me worthy of a grumpy two-year-old smack dab in the middle of a "terrible two's" fit. All of this is because Hubby gets himself worked up before any kind of traveling. He is nervous - I guess. Poor guy! He knows he is being "difficult" (his word, not mine) but just can't help it.

I guess it is a testament to my love for him that I have endured this for almost eleven years! And, I must admit, we do tend to travel quite a bit.

I love my cranky Hubby and can't wait for him to be home again!


Voice Update:
It's a good day. As I was singing in the car on the way home from the airport I noticed that my voice is a bit stronger. Yippee! I am on those exercises and that massage. I have speech tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!


Coffee Bean said...

Everything in Roswell is alien themed. Even the street lights. It is a trip. We drove through there 2 years ago when we took the kids to Carlsbad Caverns for spring break. We didn't stop and look around... just driving through was enough for us. We really aren't into UFO type stuff.

My voice is really bad today. Of course, for me, there is bad, worse and none. When I say really bad I mean worse. I am not answering the phone unless it is my husband or kids anymore today. I had to struggle through a very frustrating call with one of my friends and even my husband is having a hard time understanding me today.

Enjoy your visit with your parents!

Trisha said...

I just talked to Hubby and he claims he hasn't ever noticed the street lights! Men! Oh Well!

I feel your pain! I have stuggled through so many BAD phone calls. Have you looked into getting an amplified phone? Maybe that would help you out.

I am blessed with one really good friend who, no matter how bad my voice was over the phone, hung in there with me and figured out what I was trying to say. Oddly enough, another close friend of hers "came down" with a vocal problem around the same time I did. It wasn't SD but he couldn't talk either. Wasn't her life fun??

I am praying you have a better day!