Monday, May 26, 2008

Related to That Murphy Guy

Hi All!

Have I ever told you about my theory that I am related to that Murphy guy? You know - the guy with the rules? I am pretty sure that he is somewhere on my family tree but no one is admitting it!

Anyway - I will fill you in about why I am pretty darn certain that my theory is correct at a later date. Right now, I am beginning to think that the family influence has rubbed off on dear Hubby!

Normally, I am the one who gets all the weird and unfortunate stuff but, for some reason, Hubby got it this weekend. After viewing Ring of Fire (see the last post!) we set off to eat at a Chinese restaurant the Hubby had found online. We love Chinese food buy have just not found a good place in Dallas yet. I know they exist . . . we are just missing them somehow!

The food was okay - what would we expect from a place with an Italian sounding name (Valentino's) but the darn place fought back! Hubby went to the restroom and came back to our table sort of groaning and making a weird face. It took several minutes for him to be able to tell me what was going on. The restroom door handle apparently caught Hubby in the side as he was exiting. Not expecting the Murphy curse to have settled on Hubby's shoulders, I just assumed that he was being dramatic as usual and continued my meal.

Later we were at the Mall shopping for jeans for Hubby (which is a VERY unusual occurrence because he DOES NOT LIKE TO SHOP!) when he casually pulled up the side of his shirt to show my his "war wound" from the door.

Holey Moley! Hubby has a big bruise and scrape on his side! I didn't get the chance to measure (can't you just see him letting me do that!) or to take a picture (ditto) but, it has to be about five inches long and three inches wide! By the time I saw the thing it was all puffy and red and turning purple around the edges. The scraped part in the center had dried blood caked on it (but none was on his shirt, thankfully) and looked nasty!

I was beginning to feel bad about my nonchalant reaction to his groaning in the restaurant! Poor Hubby!

When we got home I made sure that Hubby put ice on that bruise and it seemed to be tamed a bit by that. Of course, it is still looking pretty nasty! In fact, we have rated it as a "Trisha class bruise." Believe me - it has to be nasty to earn that rating!

Does that give you a hint about my Murphy heritage?


Voice Update:

So far - so good. Still blipping out on a few words here and there but mostly when I am trying to raise my voice. I should know better than that! I was happy last night when my neighbor paid my voice a compliment - always a good thing! I haven't been doing my massage like I should because I have been in a bit of a funk. I felt my larynx a second ago and I need to get "back on the horse." I have speech this week so we will see how it goes. Maybe I will be able to go to every three weeks for appointments!

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