Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Hi All!

Nothing too much going on around here today. Went to church - Hubby mowed the lawn - I put the chains on the new hanging bird bath we bought at Wal Mart last night. How exciting!

Right now Hubby is taking a nap - being out in the warm weather (it is about 90 here right now) and working really makes you drowsy! I, of course, am here posting a blog for you to read.

Right after I complete this titillating entry, I am going to head to the living room to try out my new Wii game - Mario and Sonic's Olympics (or something like that - I don't really know the whole name!). I am sure it will be fun. However, I did find out last night on the trip to the store that Hubby likes watching me play video games because I look "all spazzy!" Nice.

I guess that is his way to say "I love you!"


Voice Update:

Still struggling a bit. Working on exercises - breathing, inhale-exhale, and my new favorite - nasal talking. Putting off oral reading for a little bit (on my speech therapist's advice) to let me voice get back into the right habits. Wish me luck. Oh - Hubby says I still sound pretty good to him. Trying to redeem himself???


Coffee Bean said...

We have friends that always want me to come play their new Wii games. We don't have one. They tell me I am quite entertaining. Gee thanks... it is entirely because I am so bad at that kind of stuff. I won't do the dance revolution thing anymore because they all were just having too much fun laughing at me.

Trisha said...

I have never tried the Dance Revolution. I am sure that would be a disaster waiting to happen!

Isn't it nice to have your friends laugh at you like you are the paid entertainment?