Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ice Cream Cake

Hi All!

Yesterday was my birthday. I already told you how Hubby started off my day. Well, believe it or not - it only got better! True - we didn't go out to eat as I had hoped we would do but . . . something even better happened!

Hubby brought me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! Yeah!

To fully understand my excitement, you must know that I LOVE ice cream cakes. I think it has something to do with the frozen frosting on them. Anyway - I have wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday every year since I first found out about the concept of ice cream cake. When we lived in Ohio it wasn't a problem - the Dairy Queen was just up the street (well, and across and down a bit). When we moved to Texas though - trouble.

Interestingly, for such a warm state, there is a scarcity of Dairy Queen stores in our area. In fact, the whole ice cream store niche seems to be woefully neglected. Don't people in the Dallas Metroplex eat ice cream???

The nearest Dairy Queen is located relatively near to Hubby's workplace. However, as we found out last Saturday when Hubby was going to buy me a blizzard after seeing Rain, that particular store is closed for remodeling (hopefully it will be an actual remodeling instead of the mysterious remodeling/disappearance of our local Pappa Murphy's pizza shop)!

Unbeknownst to me the remodeling of this particular (and only close by) Dairy Queen put quite a kink in Hubby's plans for my birthday. He had been planning for almost a month to buy me an ice cream cake for my birthday after years of ice cream cake drought. He had planned how to get the thing home in Texas temperatures (it involved a cooler and ice, of course) and everything. Then, the darn place closed for remodeling. True, they don't make cakes at that location but - that was found out later!

Bless Hubby's heart, he came up with an alternate, more intricate plan. He went online and found another Dairy Queen which he proceeded to call to ensure that they make cakes. Feigning work, he stopped by the store to make sure - in person - that they actually made cakes. He then ordered a cake for my birthday (we will not mention the fact that he thought my birthday was today instead of yesterday and had to revamp his pick up date and plan).

All of this was done while I was blissfully unaware. I thought I was getting a Kroger cake - as usual. Imagine my surprise when in walked Hubby after work yesterday with a beautiful ice cream cake decorated with purple icing (purple??? My favorite color is pink - yea, I know it is a cliche!). At first I thought it was a Kroger cake and couldn't figure out why he wanted to put it in the freezer. Thank goodness we need to shop for frozen food!

To make a long story semi-short (if that is possible at this point!). I was THRILLED with my ice cream cake! It made my whole day - which is quite a feat since the day had started so well! It made me love Hubby even more than I already did. I know how hard he worked to get that cake home in a frozen state and how hard he worked to actually find a Dairy Queen in our neck of the woods which made cakes.

Isn't Hubby wonderful?


Voice Update:
Not too good - not too bad. Okay - my voice is still pretty good but it is getting stage fright. Yesterday I was talking to a guy while Hubby and I were on our walk (it is okay - Hubby was right there!) and my darn voice began giving out on me. I just couldn't relax and help my voice out either. I got more stressed which made my voice more "shy!" Of course Hubby didn't come to my rescue even though he was standing right there!

I guess it is back to exercises! Oh - the speech therapist did give me a "new" one. I am now supposed to talk in a "nasal" voice. This supposedly brings the vocal chords closer together (who would have thought?). It is fun to do but Hubby isn't too into it!


Coffee Bean said...

Awwwww... what a sweetie your hubs was to get you the ice cream cake. When my hubs gets me ice cream he has to make sure we have a truckload of lactaid... Ice cream is NOT my friend.

Trisha said...

I know what you mean - when I was about 16 I developed a real problem with milk, ice cream, sour cream, anything dairy! Luckily, I grew out of it (I guess) by the time I was 20. Now I can eat whatever I want as long as I don't overdose on dairy. And - for some reason, I don't like milk any more. Bad memories perhaps?

Arwyn Y. said...

Dairy Queen is kind of spread out around here. We had one in my hometown that was only open for basically the summer. The one in the city about 5 minutes away has one that's open all year. I don't know where Dairy Queen is here in Madison, but they seem to have a lot more specialty ice cream shoppes around here, like Coldstone Creamery, Ben and Jerry's, etc. Plus there's Culver's, my personal favorite, which has all kinds of food, although it really has frozen custard, not ice cream. I don't think the chain in Texas yet, and if it isn't it should be soon :).

My husband does no cake for me. His mother bought me a cake from Sentry, which was funny because they misspelled my name. I make cakes for everyone in the house otherwise--gotta put those cake decorating classes to good use, you know :).

Trisha said...


Before I was married I made a cake for Hubby's birthday. Once. Some weird reaction happened with the purchased chocolate frosting and the frosting I used to write on the cake.

Ever since - Hubby insists on a purchases cake.

When I was working a few years ago, my team used to celebrate birthdays. One of the team members - I'll call her Superwoman - used to make a homemade cake for each celebration. It was heaven! Her red velvet cake was to die for!

I must admit that I am in awe of your cake decorating class skills. I don't have enough patience!

Arwyn Y. said...

I actually just made a cake I'm really proud of for my sister-in-law's shower. I've been meaning to post it for a while on one of my many blogs. I'm finally feeling human again after being sick for three weeks, so it's time to get stuff moving again :).

Almost all of my cakes are completely from scratch. If I'm in a hurry (and the cake is not for one of my daughters or my husband), I'll use a boxed cake, but the frostings are always from scratch.