Saturday, May 31, 2008

Explanation and Bird Bordello

Hi All!

Sorry I have been off my posting schedule lately. Normally I post while I IM with my mother who lives in Ohio. Well, Mom and Dad came to visit us from Ohio on Wednesday afternoon and since then - I haven't found the time to post. I have turned the computer on twice with the intention of posting and then . . . didn't.

I hope I haven't lost my three loyal readers due to my inactivity!

Now - on to more interesting matters.

My house seems to be the site of a very popular bird bordello. Yes, a house of ill-repute for our feathered friends. How can this be - you might ask. Well, let me tell you. We got our kitchen windows tinted last week and now the birds eating at the feeder right outside that window can no longer see us sitting at the kitchen table watching them. This has apparently led many of these creatures to believe that they are in a private room.

While talking with my parents at breakfast yesterday I noticed a male grackle strutting around the yard all puffed up and squawking away. Then I noticed a female grackle looking quite taken by this display. The next thing I knew, they were having bird sex - right there in front of our eyes!

What do you say to your parents when you witness something like that? And these birds were very diligent in their task which was repeated many times over the next 5 to 10 minutes. Geesh! Get a room!

Then, as Hubby and I were walking with my parents after dinner we noticed some ducks in our yard. This isn't unusual because we live in close vicinity to a lake and the ducks stop off in yards for a rest or an insect buffet - whatever. These ducks, however, were not taking in the sights of the insects. You may have guessed - they were having duck sex!

To add to the picture - you have to understand that there were not only two ducks in on this action! There were three!!!! Two males and one, poor quaking female who was trying her best to run away from the males. She slipped away several times only to be cornered again. Poor girl!

We figured out after a minute or two (this went on for a good five or 6 minutes) that the third duck - or the second male duck - was an interloper. This was a good, wholesome duck couple and here comes this other male wanting a piece of the action. He was the one cornering the female which explains why she was running away from him. It also explains why the other male duck was attacking him while he was "bothering (shall we say?)" the female. There was even an incident between the two males when a lot of feathers went flying.

It wasn't too long after the feathers went flying that the outsider male was successfully chased away by the rightful mate of the female. The pair then waddled off to hide (I would think - I didn't really see where they ended up).

After going into the house and thinking about it - not only was that duck sex . . . it could very well have been duck rape! Nasty!

What kind of a place and I living in anyway?


Voice Update:
My voice is doing really well. After Speech on Wednesday - and another session of strangling - my voice was excellent. For the past two days I have been talking more than usual to my parents and it seems to help my voice get a bit stronger. We did go to a rather noisy restaurant where it was difficult for my parents (and Hubby) to hear me. Remember I can't really raise my voice at all. Oh well! I have been doing my massage more faithfully and my throat is sore on the right side. Over use? Leftover results of the speech therapy session?

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Coffee Bean said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH. That was hIlArIoUs!!! and gross.

When I was a teen my Dad was hollerin' for my Mom to go look at something in the backyard. I went running too... boy, wish I hadn't have... two racoons were at it and was I ever embarrassed.

Two years ago our whole family was gathered at the back door watching these squirrels run around. It was different than they usually did so we were laughing at them... and right there on top of our neighbors shed...yup, you guessed it... they got busy. We shooed the kids away pretty fast. UGH!