Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hi All!
Yesterday was session two of my musical season ticket adventure. Dear Hubby is along for the ride but this time, so was a friend of his from work and his wife. Because one of the musicals in the line up had cancelled, "Rain - The Beatles Experience" was filling in. Now, I am not really old enough to remember The Beatles. Hubby LOVES them and has pretty much every album they ever made - even though mostly on CD. I don't think he is really old enough either but - I don't know too much about The Beatles so - maybe he is!

His co-worker and his wife are also Beatles fans and so, when they heard about the show, they signed up for tickets. So - the four of us set off to see what this thing was all about.

Being in the line up of musicals, we all were thinking it would be a musical about The Beatles. Wrong! This was a concert! Rain is a Beatles tribute band (I think I have that right) who has gotten a lot of attention lately. They even did the soundtrack for Dick Clark's documentary on the Beatles. It was a fabulous concert. According to Hubby and friends, one thing that made this special is that they covered all aspects of the Beatles - not just the early years. And - I guess - the drummer was "on" that night. Both hubby and his co-worker said multiple times that they really liked the drummer. Personally . . . who knows!

Anyway - long story a bit shorter - if you get the chance to see Rain in concert - GO! Even for a person who isn't that familiar with the Beatles, it was GREAT!

I even bought a CD!


Voice Update:
Still hanging in there and doing well. I did notice a bit of trouble with those darn unvoiced beginnings of words. I am pulling back on my volume - again - to try to counteract. I have been a very good girl and have done my massage and my inhalation voicing. In fact, I was only talking on the inhale last night to Hubby. He looked at me weird but didn't say anything. I didn't read out loud enough yesterday but will get to it tonight. Go voice go!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha
You commented on my blog weeks ago so I eventually got around to reading yours. I don't know if you read any of my comments about Dr Sarno's books but I am positive that what I learnt from them has made a beneficial impact on my voice ... and that also equates to the 'Power of Now' thanks to Eckhart Tolle.