Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bag Boy Blues

Hi All!

I would like to think that, in general, I am a kind person. I try hard to not think ill of other people and to always give them the benefit of the doubt. However, there is one person who I have a hard time thinking kindly about.

It is that darn bag boy!

Now, at my grocery store there are several bag boys but this particular one is HORRIBLE. I can't help it. I try to think positive thoughts but . . . he is just plain bad. And, of course, when I shop there is only one regular (non express line) open. And, of course, it is the one where HE is working!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I had to - we were down to eating crackers instead of bread and no fruit was residing in our house at all except for the canned variety. So - off I went. I practiced my inhalation voicing up and down the aisles (only three people looked at me strangely) and was having a grand ole' time. Well- as much of a grand ole' time as is possible in the grocery store.

Then, I went to check out. I saw only one non- 15 item or less lane open so I headed over. First I saw the checker - a woman who I am trying hard to connect with so she says more than two words to me. That is a whole other story! Anyway - I looked down the lane and there HE was. The worst packer in the whole store (and I am sure I have had every checker in the place over the years)!

I try to be a helpful shopper. I put my foodstuff on the conveyor belt in an organized manner. I put all of the frozen food together. All the meat together, the dairy, the canned goods, the vegetables. I do this in the hope that they might end up in the same bag at the other end of the belt. This would make unpacking at home so much simpler! The checker actually helps me out. She has told me - in a rare fit of chattiness - that she understands why I put things on the belt that way. She doesn't randomly grab things to check through - she keeps my system together.

It isn't until the items reach the bag boy that everything goes haywire.

Okay - this one is close - I guess. There is cheese and sour cream - both dairy. The head of lettuce is a wild card as is the package of meat. The only package of meat that wasn't put in the same bag as the other packages of meat. I wonder what it did to be exiled?

Speaking of the meat package - here it is . . . Now you may note that tortellini ISN'T meat. You might also note that the package of pre-cooked ribs is between the rather rectangular package of tortellini and the rather rectangular package of ground beef. Interesting choice - don't you think? It might explain why after my four mile drive home, the contents of this bag were strewn all around my trunk!

What I am not showing you is the berry bag. The bag where my four containers of berries were packed (two strawberry, one blackberry, and one blueberry). That would just turn your stomach. I still haven't figured out exactly how he does it but . . . every time I get home, the berries have escaped there normally difficult to open containers to mingle at the bottom of the bag. Luckily, most of them escape being smooshed by the small can of green beans that was sharing their bag (why???).

Have I said the bag boy is HORRIBLE?


Voice update: Pretty good. I am a little frustrated with the continuing missing of those darn h's. Last night I did my oral reading and had some issues with the word Tom which was all over the darn place. Grrrrr! I massaged today as I walked and listened to my podcasts. It is a good combination. However, the right side of my throat is SO tender. I wonder what is going on with that? I did inhalation for about 30 minutes in the grocery store. It is fun to watch people's reactions!

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Coffee Bean said...

Hmmmm... maybe you should give him a little wink here and there and see if that helps. LOL! I KID!!!