Friday, May 16, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Hi All!

It's my birthday! Only 365 more years until the "big 4-0!" I am still trying to convince Hubby that he should take me on a cruise to Scandinavia for that milestone! Baby steps, baby steps!

Anyway - Hubby was sweet this morning. He was very anxious last night that I was going to get up to make him a lunch today. I didn't make him a lunch yesterday due to being extremely sleeping - still in the throes of a sleeping pill from the night before. So - I got out of bed, trudged to the kitchen wiping the crusties out of my eyes, and blearily hunted for Hubby's bright yellow lunch bag.

It was sitting prominently on the kitchen counter like it does when Hubby is helpful and starts packing his lunch to help me out. However, he normally starts with two cans of pop (oh - wait, that is too Midwestern - I meant two cans of carbonated beverages!) and his yogurt which makes the bag rather weighty. Today, I picked up the bag to move it and it was oddly light. Peeking inside I saw an envelope rather than the expected foodstuffs.

The envelope had my name on it! I glanced at Hubby and he was sitting at the table nonchalantly eating his Mini Wheats. He peered at me out of the corner of his eye to see what my reaction was. (You have to understand that over the years I have come to expect my birthday cards/presents to be presented after Hubby comes home from work - a bit late. He usually stops on his way home from work and picks something up. Not that he doesn't think about my gift ahead of time - he does - he just isn't always a good time manager about that kind of stuff!).

Not wanting to let Hubby know how impressed I was . . . I acted all cool. "WOW! A card with my name on it! Yeah!" I may have even done a little dance - but I'll never tell!

I opened the card and it was one of those cool cards which play music when opened. I opened the card and "I Feel Good" by James Brown burst forth. Another little dance might have ensued - again - I won't tell! (By the way - my cat, Q-Tip, really doesn't like the card. Every time I open it - which I do a lot because it is neat - he sort of howls!) Included in the card was a handmade gift certificate for one Wii game of my choice (now I have to decide between Guitar Hero and Mario Olympics!!) and a scratch off lottery card on which I might win money for life.

Still being bleary for the sleeping aid - I didn't scratch off the lottery card. I decided to do that when Hubby comes home tonight. I might actually understand what I am doing then. I did jump up and hug Hubby for his thoughtfulness.

Then I made his lunch. *sigh*


Voice Update:
I am taking my volume down several notches to let me voice "relax." It sounds a LOT better when I do that! I am also still on my exercises and massage schedule. I am missing some of those darn unvoiced sounds but - not too many when I talk quietly. Will I ever learn?


Coffee Bean said...

A BIG hApPy bIrThDaY to YOU my friend!!!

I hope you have a wOnDeRfUl Day! And I pray you have many, many more!

ecolo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You so deserve a a great day and an awesome year! So glad we connected this year - thanks to SD (I can't believe I'm saying this). Have a great BD!

Trisha said...

Coffee Bean and Ecolo-

Thank you for your good wishes! I am so glad that I "met" you via the blogosphere! It is so nice to hear from other people who have SD too. I know I am not alone with you around!

It is weird that we met because of SD but - I firmly believe that there is a reason for everything - could this be the reason for my SD?

Good question!