Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ant Bites and Rain

Hi All!

I don't know how many of you are familiar with fire ants. I didn't know a thing about them until me moved to Dallas. They just don't have mean ants like this in Ohio!

If you have never experienced a fire ant bite - thank your lucky stars! They HURT! During the actual bite, it feels a bit like a needle prick and then it only gets better. Apparently there are some people out there who don't react to ant bites like most of us but most of us react in this way. The bite gets red and turns into a nice red welt. The welt itches like crazy but, if you itch it, it will turn into a pustule which is just plain gross. The darn bite takes several days to go away - depending on how much you have scratched it.

I got an ant bite while I was out watering my new flowerbed the other day. Our yard has been treated to supposedly get rid of the fire ants but one found its way onto my foot. Yes, I WAS wearing shoes but I was wearing Croc's (well - imitation Croc's!) which left much of my foot area vulnerable to fire ant attack. Lucky for me - the little bugger didn't come with a million of his tiny friends -which is what normally happens to me in the fire ant realm!

My foot now itches so badly that I apparently scratched at it in my sleep! Not good! I will put some Benadryl on it and see if that helps.

I HATE fire ants!

It is raining here today - YEAH! I love rain. I don't think it is supposed to rain all day but I would like it if it did! Driving in the rain (as long as it isn't a monsoon) is fun. You can hear the rain hit the roof of the car and it is almost like being in a house with a metal roof! Okay - I know many of you think I am crazy for loving rain - Hubby does - but, I can't help it!

Have a super day!

Voice update:
Still hanging in there. A little rocky on T words for some odd reason. The right side of my throat is still very tender. I didn't read out loud yesterday - Hubby was home all day and I just didn't find the time. Today is speech so we will see how it goes!


Coffee Bean said...

No fire ants in Colorado... in fact, we don't have roaches, fleas or many mosquitos either!

However, when in MS we had it all! Once I got over 30 fire ant bites just getting my mail. I hate them too. I double, no triple, hate them.

Trisha said...

Lucky Duck! I think we may have to move to Colorado to get rid of the little buggers!

30 fire ant bites at one time - wow! No wonder you hate them so much!

Oh - thank you for commenting on my blog - you make me feel like someone actually cares what I write!

Coffee Bean said...

Ahhh... you are most welcome, and I do care! I am so glad that you started this blog and that you are doing all you do to raise awareness about SD! Hang in there!

And, to any other readers... drop a comment here and there to encourage Trisha!