Friday, July 9, 2010

Try, Try Again!

Hi All!

The rash is retreating pretty quickly. Currently there is only one little patch left and a couple of "splotches." It should all be gone by tomorrow and then I can start walking/swimming again! I miss it!

The doctor said that since I am so "white" I am more susceptible to sun poisoning - which I had already known - and that I should take precautions like wearing broad brimmed hats when going out during high UV times (between 10 and 4) and wearing sunscreen all the time. I think I am going to listen. This experience is NOT one that I want to repeat anytime soon!

Well, Hubby and I are going to try the entire "Buying a Car" thing again! We went to a different dealer yesterday afternoon and put down a deposit - AGAIN - on a car. Once more the car is not in the area and needs to be "picked up." Hopefully this dealership will be more forthcoming than the last one and I will actually get a car in the near future! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

By the way - it is the same kind of car - a Toyota Venza - in the same color and with the same options as the last car we tried to buy. We will see what happens!

In other news - I am not feeling well - AGAIN! It seems like I am always sick these days! I have a stomach "issue" which pretty much demands that I stay near my "home base" instead of roaming around. I had this problem pretty much all day yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping then Hubby picked me up to go to the dealership. Prior to leaving I took an Imodium and it lasted until we got home and I took another nap then . . . no dice!

Last night I was up at least three times (there might be more that I can't remember because I was SOOOOOO tired!) and this morning . . . still not back in "fighting form." I just returned from an eye appointment (I am heading towards needing glasses but I am not quite there yet. I will probably need glasses in another year or so!). Apparently, 40 minutes is the longest I can be out of the house because I was very thankful to be home!

My stomach is making sounds I have never heard before. Maybe I should record them and they could be some sound effect in a movie about aliens or something!

That is all my news since I was so "productive" yesterday! I hope your day was better!


Voice Update: Well, I didn't really talk too much yesterday so I also didn't do too much of my exercise list. I certainly didn't read out loud because I was asleep. However, my voice is still doing rather well, if I do say so myself!


Mental P Mama said...

Ugh. Feel better!

Dianne said...

feel better!!
I have terrible reactions to the sun and heat, I empathize

I hope the car comes thru this time, it's so much fun to have a new car :)