Friday, July 16, 2010

My Car's Interior!

Hi All!

Yesterday I showed you the outside of my new car so today I decided to show you the interior.

This is the main console of the car. There is the radio (with XM and iPod connectivity), the climate controls, the heated seat controls and the shifter.

With the Smart Key technology all I have to do to start the car is push this button!

Here is the front seats of the car. They are comfy!

Here are the back seats. Hubby and I have tested them out for comfort too. They actually recline!

Here is the cargo part of the car with the free cargo net!
The back door has a push button to automatically close the door.
I have already tried out the back for some groceries - not too many - and it works just fine!
I took my new car to Half-Priced books yesterday and picked up some totally un-needed books that look like great reads! I also picked up a book on religious sign language which I am sure will help me out in my future as an interpreter.
That is about all I did yesterday since my head started to hurt on my way to the book store. By the time I got home it was closing in on migraine territory and forced me into the bedroom with a cover over my eyes to keep out the light. I stayed there pretty much all afternoon/early evening until getting up to eat and watch the last two episodes of Big Brother.
Speaking of Big Brother - are there any other fans out there? I know a lot of people think the show is stupid - and it really is - but Hubby and I are pretty much hooked! We like talking about the show and coming up with our own ideas about who is going to be evicted, who will win what competition, etc. It is sort of fun to act like detectives!
It takes so little to entertain us!
Voice Update: Since I was hiding from the light last night I didn't read. I did do more massage (not enough but more) and my other exercises since I could do those with my eyes closed and while in bed!

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Chris H said...

YOU GOT IT!!!! I must go look at the outside now! INside looks devine.