Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anticipation . . .

Hi All!

Well, the car isn't here yet . . . so I am still waiting! I don't do too well with waiting so . . . I am pretty antsy!

While I am waiting I will share a couple more Ohio pictures.

First, Hubby, Mom and I on a bench in Coventry, Ohio after eating at Hubby's favorite Chinese restaurant - Hunan Coventry. We try to make a trip to this wonderful place each time we make it back to Ohio.

The neighborhood around the restaurant is an eclectic mix of little shops which are fun to browse in. We stopped at the cat shop - which also has things for dogs - and found new Mylar tassels for Skor's favorite cat toy. We have been looking for these things everywhere with no luck!

I don't know if you can tell but the bench has a big hand making the peace sign - which is why I am making the peace sign.

Isn't this a pretty little red bug? My Aunt Donna (who you can barely see through the windshield) got this car to be her "Summer car." She let me take it for a drive and it was fun zooming around in a little convertible. Unfortunately, it is too hot for convertibles here or I might have considered getting one!

In other news . . .

My swim this morning was wonderful. It was about 75 when I woke up and there was a nice breeze for most of the time I was walking. The water at the pool was nice and cool so it felt good to be doing laps (24). The sky is very overcast which helped keep the sun out of my eyes while I was doing the back strokes!

Yesterday my friend Donna met me for lunch. We went to a new pizza place in town and had a very nice time eating good pizza (even though it was thin crust and I prefer thicker crust) and visiting. She came back to the house and we spent more time talking about all kinds of stuff while the cats tried to decide if they should come out of hiding or not.

Both cats hid when Donna came into the house. Skor high-tailed it into the bedroom and Miss Cleo hid behind the couch. Eventually Skor decided to come out and he sat on the back of the couch behind my head. Miss Cleo hid the entire time.

Then, after Donna left and I finished checking on the kitties next door, my Mary Kay lady stopped by with my latest order. This time the kitties didn't hide and they actually both came within arms length of her to sniff her.

Weird cats!

I got a free CD from the Radio Bible Class (which publishes Our Daily Bread - a devotional booklet I use). Every few months I get an insert in my booklet advertising a free CD. At first I couldn't believe that they were really free but . . . they are. They are pretty nice quality too! My mother also get the devotional booklet from RBC but she NEVER gets the free CD offers. Mom and I keep trying to figure out why.

Yesterday Donna said that I was probably in the system under a different customer profile than my Mother. From something I do (buy on iTunes maybe??), the computer has highlighted me as a person who might buy music from RBC (there are many more CDs available for sale by the company but I never buy them - I just get the free ones) so they send me free CDs to "whet my appetite."

Mom must be under a different profile so she doesn't get the offers. She would LOVE to get them but then again - she ends up getting the CDs because I share them with her anyway!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! It is almost Friday!


Voice Update: My voice is still doing really, really well. Yesterday Donna - who has been friends with me before I got SD so she has been with me through this entire process - and I were talking about my SD and how the people at the Colorado meeting didn't believe that I actually had SD and how that made me feel. We also talked about the whole SD support group thing. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who can still hear the traces of SD in my voice and still knows that I do indeed have SD even though I sound really good. She also knows how hard I worked to get my voice to this place and how hard I continue to work. Because of how long we talked and how long I talked to the Mary Kay lady - I didn't end up reading last night but . . . I still got my voice exercise in!

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