Monday, July 19, 2010

A Reading Question

Hi All!

Well, this morning I actually drove to the pool and drove home - not because I was feeling particularly lazy (even though I was!) but because I was on my way home from taking Hubby to the airport and I just stopped by the pool. It was nice but I would rather not drive home while dripping every day!

The pool was warm - almost too warm in fact. It was hard to catch my breath while I was swimming because I felt like I was swimming in a hot tub! Not the best feeling! However, I did all my 25 laps. I did that by basically not thinking about it too much and just swimming!

Have you seen the commercials on tv about teaching your young child (babies, really) to read? They show little kids - 12 to 18 months old reading flashcards of words which are pretty difficult (outstanding, bully button, etc.). They also show a three year old girl reading from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Pretty impressive!

These commercials have gotten me thinking about reading again. I think about the differences in how people read every now and again because I am an avid reader and Hubby - not so much! I have asked him why he doesn't like to read (he has no clue) and if he sees the action of a book in his head while reading (no). Hubby has told me that he doesn't understand (comprehend) what he reads easily so that is one reason he doesn't like to read.

My current ponderings lean to if children who learn to read early (like the kiddos on the commercial for this reading program) tend to enjoy reading more than those who learn to read later. Also, does their reading early impact their education (as in better grades, etc.)?

This had led me to wonder about different reasons adults don't like to read. Does it run in families? Does it have anything/everything to do with if children are read to at home when young? Does having parents who enjoy reading make a difference? Does it matter if there are books in the home and/or if the parents take the child to the library? Does television play into the equation in any way?

So - my questions to you are:
1) How old were you when you started reading?
2) Did your parents read to you when you were young?
3) Were there books in your home and/or did you go to the library often?
4) Do you enjoy reading?
5) Do you "imagine the action in your head" while reading?
6) Do other members of your family feel the same way about reading as you do?

Just wondering!


Voice Update: I didn't read out loud yesterday but I did a lot of talking while getting Hubby ready for his trip. I also did a fair amount of massage. It is odd but my throat feels different when I massage it these days - it is more uncomfortable. I will have to ask Susan about that.


Mental P Mama said...

I was read to, my children were read to, and books are always a major part of our lives. Those "Your Baby Can Read" tapes look awful to me. People just plop their children in front of a video and let it do the work. They are robbing themselves of a priceless opportunity to spend time with their child...I am so glad you reminded me of this! I am going to write a post about it! I know how much you love to read, too!!!

Chris H said...

I had trouble learning to read until my Mother took me in hand and taught me. Once I could read properly I became a bookworm! I was always reading. Averaged a bood a day.
And yes I can imagine the action as I read.
There were NO books in our home, I went to the library, I still do in fact.
Two of my sons are avid readers too.
Stew does not read much at home as he has to read masses of stuff at work every day and just wants to relax when he comes home.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

People read to me at a very early age, and I will never forget it. I liked to read as a child and young adult, but the older I get the more ADD-like I feel (I'm probably off the charts with an inability to focus), so reading a book is very, very difficult. Magazines - where I can flip pages in no particular order, look at pictures, etc. are more my speed but I find blogs the only thing I can read these days.

My grandmother took us to the library about twice a month - again very memorable. We also had a small stash of books on hand (Golden Books) that I adored. Santa Claus brought me some very beautiful books that I have to this day and would never dream of giving away.

This is a long way of saying I think my parents and grandparents were responsible for any reading I did at a young age, which stayed with me for a while. But I probably need encouragement again to get back into it.

GOOD FOR YOU for going to the pool, even in the heat, and doing all your laps. I envy your discipline, really.