Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Day Done - One to Go!

Hi All!

Well, I made it through one day of subbing at the Speech Pathology Services and now have one more day to go! Today is m day of rest between the days of work. YEAH!

Working was fine - once I got into the office. You see, I used to have a key but, when I left I turned in my key. So - arriving at the office I got to sit and wait until one of the therapists showed up to let me and a patient, his brother, and his mother into the office. Once into the office I took a few minutes to get myself organized.

Then another therapist came in looking for a patient file - which we never found - and with a whole list of things that needed to be done. Most of the list were things that I normally did on Monday when I was working (the current person actually worked on Monday). Then I started working on stuff which I knew how to do (which was pretty much everything) and got the treat of realizing that the current person has a completely different way of doing things. Some of the "different way" were a bit irritating but . . . such is life. There were several things which I had to do before I could do the things I was supposed to be doing. Confusing? I know but I am not sure how to explain!

I can tell you this - some of the stuff I was doing needed other things to be done first to be completed. Those first things were the things not done . . .

Anyway - I survived and got work done so . . .

I also got to talk to people which means that my voice got a good work out. Nice!

Today I am going to take a nap and then I am going to try to finish up the book I am currently reading. It is taking a while but last night - at about 11:30 - it started to get interesting!

Hope you have a good day!


Voice Update: Doing really well!

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