Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mystery Solved!

Hi All!

Well, all it took was a quick trip to the doc and the mystery of the rash is solved. The rash is . . . . . (drum roll please!) . . . . severe sun poisoning!

Apparently, sun poisoning CAN spread even though I have never had it spread before. It spreads when the skin cells die and then the healthy cells touching the dead cell die from their contact with the dead cell (etc, etc. I am sure there is a more technical explanation but . . .).Anyway - it is sun poisoning.

I now have a steroid cream to put on the rash and am taking - of all things - Zyrtec to stop the allergic reaction I am having. It is as simple as that! Well - almost.

I am also not to go out in the sun AT ALL until the rash is gone since the sun will only exasperate the situation. When I asked how I was to accomplish this since I do live in TEXAS and it is SUMMER I was told that I should wear a broad brimmed hat at all times when I am outside - even if just walking from the car to a store! My morning walks are also cancelled for the time being. Rats!!!

The good news is that the rash should be gone by Saturday at the latest - Friday at the soonest. I will admit that after only two applications of the cream the rash is already MUCH improved. YEAH!

My second appointment of the day was at speech with Susan. She told me that I am doing well. My throat wasn't too tight even though there were spots that were a bit "bound up." Her massage helped that out a lot! Now I am doing even better with my voice. We worked on several of the words/phrases that I was having problems with and one of my problems is that I stop the air when I get to "difficult" sounds for me. So - I am working on that . . . by talking while holding my nose. For some reason this works well. Odd, huh? It was a good appointment. We are still going for the once a month appointment. What an accomplishment!

So that is all the news. Except for this . . .

It is supposed to rain, rain, rain today. So far it has managed to work up a pretty good drizzle and that is it but . . . I have my fingers crossed!
Have a good day!
Voice Update: I said it all above!


imbeingheldhostage said...

Really? Wow. Had you ever heard of that before? Amazing. I went to a skin care party once and the woman teaching explained how the newer and higher spf's actually cause a reaction in the skin and people who think they are horribly burned even after applying sun cream all day are actually having a reaction to the cream. I don't get higher than a thirty now, especially for Kyleigh who does seem to rash up after a full sunny weekend. I'm going to look into this new info now, thank you. I hope you heal quickly!

Chris H said...

Sun Poisoning! That is so weird, I have never heard of that before! Does this mean you can NEVER go in the sun again...or what? Weird... shaking me head.

Mental P Mama said...

Phew! Now please send some rain to us!