Monday, July 5, 2010

My Weekend

Hi All!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July!

We were a little worried here that rain might foil the plans for our fireworks and for our annual 10K/5K run. Luckily, it stopped raining for the morning run and Hubby and I were out front cheering on the runners.

I cheer every year with clapping and encouraging comments. A lot of people think I am weird standing out there alone (or with Hubby but he doesn't clap) but I have had people thank me for the encouragement so . . . I keep doing it!

This year a young girl was running by and said "I think you were my fifth grade teacher!" When I asked who she was . . . sure enough! I taught her in fifth grade at McCoy Elementary! A while later her mom ran by and said the same thing! They live in the next town north/east of us. Small World!

After taking in the race (which was at eight in the morning), I headed out to meet some of my friends from college. We were meeting to wish Stephanie a "Bon Voyage" as she gets ready to leave for college on the East Coast.

We met at the Genghis Grill (a new favorite for me) and had a great time chatting and eating and chatting and . . . chatting!

It was nice to see Stephanie before she heads out. We will all miss her but we know that she will have a super time in college and will have experiences she will never forget!

Have I mentioned peaches lately?

My neighbor has three peach trees and this year each of the trees had a bumper crop of peaches! Of course, she has offered me many. I took a bunch and made two batches of freezer jam (which turned out a little runny but absolutely delicious!). Then . . .

She gave me MORE!

We had peaches sliced and over Angel Food Cake.

Then . . . while my neighbors are on vacation . . . I told them that I would pick the rest of the peaches on the last tree and use them . So . . . I made one more batch of freezer jam and . . .

Ice cream!

Doesn't it look yummy?

And then we added fresh peaches! Yum!
It was very good!
Car Update: Still no car! Very frustrating! We are giving them today to get the car and if they don't get it . . . we are getting our deposit back and going somewhere else. I mean - the car is only 180 miles away and it has been a WEEK and they still don't have it?!?!?
Not acceptable!
Not to mentions extremely frustrating!
Whenever I feel frustration taking over I just take a hint from Skor and do this . . .



Voice Update: Still rockin' and rollin'! I didn't read out loud Saturday because I spent all that time chatting with my friends and yesterday . . . well, Sunday is my day of rest. I have been massaging though and looking forward to a speech session this week!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

oh man! THAT"s the peach ice cream you were talking about! YUM.