Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!

Hi All!

Lately, dinners around my house have NOT been inspired at all! It seems like pulling teeth to decide on what to make. I think it might be because of the heat. I don't really want to have the oven on or work over the stove when it is 100 degrees outside. I would prefer to grill stuff but Hubby bulks at being outside when it is so hot - "Slaving over a hot grill!"

So . . . . my meals haven't been inspired! In fact, last night it was a mish-mash that I threw together at the last minute. Veggies, a cream sauce flavored with veggie cream cheese, shrimp, and pasta. It was okay - not one of Hubby's favorites though. He DID eat it, however, which is amazing progress from when we were first married and he wouldn't eat anything I made without a recipe!

Anyway- since my mind has been on food - I thought I would share some food related photos.

First - while preparing to eat dinner the other day (stuffed chicken breast, baked potato and salad) Skor just had to check out the fixin's!

He is actually very good about not trying to get any of the food but he does like to get as much of a smell as possible!

On Thursday I basically "railroaded" Hubby into having dinner at a pub he likes because they have his favorite beer - Old Speckled Hen - on tap.

This is a shot of our half-finished appetizer. It is called "Irish Nachos" and consists of cubed sweet potatoes covered with cheese and LOTS of bacon. It is served with spicy ranch sauce as well as regular ranch.
It was very good even though I was wondering if the Irish grow sweet potatoes.

Next up - the main courses. I ordered Guinness beef stew and this is it.

The bread bowl was very good but the veggies were cold (I ended up putting them in the stew to warm them a bit) and the stew was "Okay." Such a shame.

This is Hubby's standard meal when he goes to this pub - or any other pub - fish and chips.
Even though this picture is slightly out of focus - I think his meal looks more appetizing than mine did. It was probably tastier too . . .
Well - that is my trip down food alley for today.
Overall - not too bad for a dinner out which I didn't have to cook!
I hope you have some great meals this weekend!
Voice Update: Doing well. A few minor hesitations are hanging around but nothing major.


Chris H said...

I am amazed that Skor could sit there without having a gobble of the food!

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