Friday, July 30, 2010

Hats, Hats, Hats!

Hi All!

I am all done walking/swimming for the morning and thinking about heading out for the day's activities. However, before I do that, I thought I would show you my hat collection.

Since I seem to be "sentenced" to wearing hats for sun protections, I have decided to pick up some fun ones. The best ones are the ones with big brims.

This one was actually picked up in Ohio on the way home from Hubby's mom's house. I had to have it because it is pink! It isn't the best for sun protection but it does have a pretty nice bill on it for those short trips out and about.

This is a hold-over from my teaching days. It was my first playground duty hat. It is very light weight and nice.

Here is my second "playground hat" and I must admit that I like it much better than the first one. It is made of denim and I think I look pretty nice in it. (Of course, you must forgive the lack of makeup and the dark circles and the second and third chins that taking the picture myself brings into focus!)
As evidenced by the tag, this is my most recent purchase. This is the hat that I am currently wearing while walking. The broad brim is perfect and the "straw" (which upon reading the tag I learned is really recycled paper!!) makes the hat ventilated.
I am thinking that I might just have to continue "collecting" hats if I am going to be wearing them all the time. I would like one which is a bit "fancier" to wear to church (not inside but on the way to and from).
Poor Hubby isn't too sure about my hats yet. He isn't too happy with change and the hats are throwing him a bit! He finally told me that it wasn't that I looked bad in hats, it was just that he wasn't used to seeing me in hats!
Personally, I like the hats. What do you think?
Voice Update: Doing a bit better. The hesitations are going away. Last night I read out loud for an hour but did it from the new Diana Gabaldon book I am reading instead of the Bible - just for a change of pace. And maybe because I was too lazy to get up and get the Bible when I already had this book in my hands!


Diane said...

Not the first two so much, but the blue and the straw one look good on you!
It is back to being 65 so I'm not wearing hats right now. But I'm glad you're protecting your skin!

Mental P Mama said...

The Hat Lady ....

Chris H said...

I went through a phase of wearing hats (crazy hats) for a while some years ago.
I love the first one and the last one of yours the best!