Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Hi All!

I just got a comment from someone answering Chris about a comment she made about my new car. Chris had said that she liked the color and this person said that while the car is nice, the color is not too attractive! Well! Way to diss my new car! AND a backhanded slap at me - the person who specifically picked out that particular color and waited to get the car in that color! Nice!

Normally, comments like that don't irritate me but . .. come on! The commenter said the car looked better in silver - which I think is BORING - but - why didn't he/she just say that the car looked good in silver too? Why diss my color choice? I mean, come on!

Anyway - I am going to take a deep breath and forget it!

Now - I am happy to say that I finally finished the book I was reading - the one with 500 pages and the one which was taking me a while to get through. In the end, the book was good but it took a lot of reading to get to the good parts! I will tell you more about it soon.

Now I am on to a new book - whose title I can't remember (and I am too lazy at the moment to walk out to the kitchen to look!) but so far it is very good. It is about a man who is an entertainment lawyer in Hollywood and who is contacted by his long-estranged brother who is a priest in Rome. Before the brothers can get into contact, the priest is killed in a bus bombing incident.

Soon, the lawyer is on his way to Italy to claim the body and return it to the states for burial. Unfortunately, once on Italian soil, he is identified as a possible co-conspirator with his now dead brother to kill the Pope. What????

This is getting good. I can't wait to read some more and find out what happens!

Yesterday was a nice day for me. I finished my book, took a nap, watched some TV, went to the store for some fruit and just relaxed. I had to get ready for another day (today) of working and trying to figure out what in the world is going on in the mind of the new person who works there. *sigh* Oh well! I guess it is something different to do!

Hubby returns tonight from his conference and while I am excited to see him . . . it means the end of my "alone time" which comes so rarely these days! Yes, I am alone pretty much all day but it is different to be alone all night as well. I can sprawl all over the bed and hog the covers all I want. There isn't anyone snoring next to me who occasionally turns over and smacks me in the face! I have both cats to myself while watching TV - the both come and want pets more when I am alone (do they think I need more attention since I am "lonely?").

Well, life goes on!

This morning, my walk/swim was wonderful! I do have a puzzle though. There is a man who walks to the pool (I don't know how far away his house is from the pool) and then takes off his shoes, socks, and shirt to swim TWO laps before getting out, drying off, getting dressed again and walking off. TWO laps? TWO laps is worth walking there and taking off your shoes for? I don't think so! In my mind, if you are going to walk to the pool and take the time to actually untie your tennis shoes, you might as well spend some quality time in the pool! What do you think?

I guess I should stop rambling on and should get ready for work.

Ta-ta for now, friends!


Voice Update: Doing really well. I read part of the recently started book to the kitties - they seemed very interested until a small gecko made its appearance!

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