Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go!

Hi All!

This morning's swim was much cooler than yesterday's. I don't know if it got cooler at night so the water cooled off or if they drained some of the water and added more to make it cooler - which is what my brother and sister-in-law do in Oklahoma. No matter - the water was cooler than it was yesterday. No, it wasn't what I would call "refreshing" but it was swimmable (is that a word??).

I did my 25 laps and then walked home. For the first five minutes or so after getting out of the pool, the air actually felt cooler and the breeze made it nice and cool. Then- well, it got back to being Texas hot again. Rats!

Today I reverted back to my normal walk- swim-walk routine and it felt good. I listened to some podcasts while walking and life is good!

Today I head off to the offices of Speech Pathology Services to work. No - I am NOT going to be working there everyday - I am just subbing for Doyle today and Thursday as her husband has some surgery. Two days of working with the therapists again. It should be interesting. I don't know if I am looking forward to it or not!

Hubby is a bit concerned about me working because I will have to take my new car into the parking lot! I had to promise to park far from civilization for him to be slightly mollified. Hey - I don't want any door dings either!

I will let you know what it is like being back in the office which wasn't mine then was mine and now isn't mine. I think it will be a bit weird! We will see!

Thank you for those of you who answered my questions about reading from yesterday's post. I am still interested in this entire question and will keep pestering people to see what their experiences with reading have been.

Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day. I watched Julie and Julia a movie I recorded during our free movie channel preview weekend. I must say that I truly enjoyed this movie and that it made me want to whip up some gourmet meal - which I didn't do because it was just me and that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do!

The movie is about a woman writer named Julie who decides to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child's French cookbook and to blog about her experience. The movie also flashes to Julia Child's background while writing the cookbook. The entire thing was entertaining and interesting. A good combo for a movie, don't you think? I would say that if you get a chance, check this movie out. However, it might not go over too well with the male set.

Add in a nap and some time spent reading and that, my friends, was my day yesterday! Exciting, huh?

Today will be a bit different since I am -working!

Have a good one!


Voice Update: My voice is doing well. I talked to Mom and Dad last night (and Hubby when he called later) instead of doing my reading since I was all alone. Today I will probably get enough talking while working that I will be tired of talking by the time I get home! We will see how that works out for me!

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