Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ahhh. . . Swimming!

Hi All!

My walk/swim this morning was refreshing. When I set out it looked like it was going to be a hotter day with the sun blazing away but . . . during my swim (in the cool water) the clouds moved in to cover the sun. My walk home was nice and cool!

Here is my fractious drying rack. It is wet because I just finished "watering" the rack to keep it from falling apart. So far, the daily watering is keeping the rack together.

Yesterday was a good day. I finished blogging and IMing and then showered and headed out on my mini-mission to find a new hat. I headed to Wally World and found diddly.

Then I went to Cato Fashions. Again. Diddly!

However, I stopped at Quizno's for lunch - a tuna melt bullet and some broccoli cheese soup. After that I went next door again to a new frozen yogurt place for some "harvest peach" yogurt with carob chips. It was yummy!

As a last ditch effort to find a hat, I went to Target. I checked out all of the accessories but found nothing that I wanted. They had cute caps but nothing with a wider brim to protect me from the sun. I was disappointed but decided to wander around the store a bit.

I looked at clothes and books and CDs and then hit the gardening section. There, lo and behold, was the perfect straw hat! It was the last one they had and I snatched it up right away!

While wandering I also found a big plastic bowl (on sale) and a couple of new spatulas in bright colors. One of the spatulas (bright green) is actually double sided - one end is a large spatula and the other a small spatula. It is neat and so I snatched it up too!

When I got home I played a bit with the kitties and read a little bit before taking a short nap.

It was a good day!


Voice Update: Still a little "hitch" in my voice but I am working on it. Next week I head back to speech for another appointment (my how time flies)so Susan can tell me what I am doing wrong.


Elizabeth said...

Loved the flower pictures below.
I could do with some spatulas for me baking --sounds like you made some good finds....

Mental P Mama said...

I love that you are watering that drying rack to keep it nice and plumped and upright! Sheer genius;)