Friday, July 2, 2010

STILL Waiting!

Hi All!

Guess what!?! I STILL don't have my new car!!!!!! Apparently, the car that this dealer was going to trade to the dealer in Oklahoma (who has my car) had something wrong with it yesterday so they couldn't take it up to trade it for my car. They said that they might start out last night but . . . I won't be holding my breath!

In fact, I am beginning to think that I just dreamed the entire thing and that I really didn't buy a new car. Of course, we only put down a down-payment until the car is "delivered" but . . . is it real or just a dream?

I am wondering!

Do you remember my rash? Well, it is pretty much all gone with the exception of a few red blotchy, itchy spots here and there. However, the entire area which was covered with the rash is VERY dry. I have been moisturizing with some heavy duty stuff and finally resorted to slathering it with Vaseline last night. I think I will head to Wal Mart today to check out some other options . . .

I swam and walked this morning. It was a bit warmer and more humid than yesterday but, it was still a pretty nice day for swimming. It is overcast and there is a nice breeze. The water was nice and cool which made the whole experience rather refreshing. Of course the walk home took care of that refreshed feeling!

In addition to swimming I do push-ups and triceps lifts in the water (much easier than in the "real" gravity world!) and some other arm exercises. I may be delusional but . . . I think my arms are starting to shape up a little. Maybe. I hope. Possibly?

When I was cat sitting for my neighbor I picked a large bowl of peaches. They are soon going to be peeled and sliced and made into either Jam or ice cream - depending on my mood. I may even have enough for both . . . wouldn't that me exciting! If you live in my area, come on over for some jam!

That is pretty much it from my neck of the woods. Nothing too exciting.

What is up with you?


Voice Update: Did my reading last night - I am up to Psalm 36. I am noting the words/phrases which are giving me trouble so I can take them to Susan to work on them. Did I tell you all that I only go to speech once a month now? That still amazes me. I have come so far from having absolutely NO voice and having Susan tell me that she though I would have to speak on the inhale for the rest of me life to having a pretty normal sounding voice. Yes, miracles do happen (with a lot of work on my end but still a miracle!!!!!)!!!!


Mental P Mama said...

Get Cetaphil cream,,,in a white jar with a blue top. Cannot be beat!!

Chris H said...

What a shame about the car.. I was looking forward to a photo of it... I hope you get it soon.