Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Car!

Hi All!

Remember how I posted that I was getting a new car? Well . . . apparently not. At least not this week.

Here is the story. We went to the dealership and told the salesman what we wanted. They did a search and found the car we wanted in Oklahoma (we had done an Internet search and found the same car). The dealer said they would get the car for us. They said that they had called the dealer in OK and told them that they wanted to get the car and that the OK dealer said fine.

Then. . . the delays started.

First it was that the OK dealer couldn't decide what they wanted to trade the car we wanted for.

Then it was the the car our dealer was taking to OK had a problem - the check engine light was on and they couldn't find the problem (doesn't that make you feel good about the service department there?).

Next it was that the problem needed a part ordered to fix it.

Then it was that they were putting in the part.

Then. . . . . silence.

Actually, there was a pretty healthy dose of silence intermixed with all of the above. We were only called once during this entire process. The rest of the info came from calls that we initiated! Can you say poor communication????

Hubby and I finally decided that if there was no car by today we would go and get our deposit check back and start over somewhere else.

Well - yesterday Hubby called and was told that they hadn't even arranged for the trade!!!!! WHAT??????

Needless to say, we now have our deposit check back.

What was odd is that no one from the dealership talked to us to try to get us to stay with the deal. No manager or "higher up" talked to us - the salesman just walked out with our check.

Apparently, they didn't want our business. Which, is a shame because we tend to be loyal to dealerships we buy from (in fact we had purchased my 4 Runner from this dealership about 7 years ago or so).

Oh well!

Now the search starts all over. At least we know what kind of car I want!

Today I walked and swam and my neighbor, recently back from Mexico, walked and swam with me. It is HOT here! Thank goodness someone invented the air conditioner!!!

I have a lunch "date" with a teaching friend of mine today and then I think I might peel peaches to make a "Jello" peach pie. That is a peach pie which isn't baked and which uses Jello in the gel on the fruit. It is scrumptious!

Doesn't that sound like a plan??

Oh- Skor apparently wants to go to the pool with me tomorrow!

Voice Update: Doing well despite my poor exercise habits this weekend. I didn't read but I did talk a lot and I did do massage.


Mental P Mama said...

That dealership probably won't stay is business too long with that kind of service. And I'd pay good money to see Skor swim.

Diane said...

So sorry to hear about the car issue. Obviously it wasn't meant to be. I have no use for crappy car dealerships.

I made an apple jello pie once that was quite good. Haven't done it with peaches. I made a blueberry pie yesterday that made me want to weep it was so good!