Monday, July 12, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder . . .

Hi All!

After four days of sun poisoning induced indoor living I finally (!!!) got out this morning and walked and swam!
It was soooooo refreshing to dive into this wonderful pool!
Of course the walk wasn't what I would call "refreshing" but I supposed I did sweat out all the toxins in my body! That is if the toxins could fight their way through the layer of SPF 45 that was coating my body!
I also donned my broad-brimmed hat for the walk to give my chest some additional protection (yes, I probably should have just worn a shirt but it is SOOOOO hot!). I am thinking of getting one of those shirts with the SPF treatment on/in it to wear during my summer walks. I haven't decided on that yet though.
In non-walking/swimming news, Hubby is home sick. He started feeling bad Saturday evening (after we had been to Sam's Club but he didn't have any of the samples!) and got progressively worse until yesterday evening when he started feeling better.
Currently, he is snoring away in bed since I didn't think it was wise to go to work only hours after having a fever of 100.9!
My new car is supposed to be on its way to the Metroplex today and should be ready for pick -up tomorrow. I am excited!!!! Did I mention that the dealership actually called me on Friday to let me know what the plan for getting the car was? A lot better than the silence from the previous dealer!
Hopefully, I will get another call today letting me know that the car actually made it to the dealership. I still have my fingers crossed!
Yesterday I finally used up the last of my peaches and made a peach pie with jello glaze. While some of the peaches were a bit past their prime, they are still okay and - I must say that the crust (made from scratch, thank you very much!) is excellent! I am hoping that Hubby feels better today and can help me eat it.
I didn't take pictures of the pie because it didn't look too darn good. The peaches are tiny and some are darker because I didn't put enough of the color preserver stuff on them (I don't have any lemon juice!). Just trust me when I say it tastes better than it looks!
That is about the sum of my entire weekend. Exciting, huh? I hope yours was more exciting than mine was!
Voice Update: I didn't read yesterday but I did read on Saturday. I am still working my way through the Psalms. While I read I work on the few words and sounds that I am still struggling with. One technique Susan told me to try was to talk nasally. Apparently, one of my problems with these "difficult" sounds is that I stop the air and then can't get the sound going again. When I speak in a nasal voice I don't stop the air for some reason. So - I talk in a nasal voice to get the feel of how I should be making the sound and then try it out in a normal voice. This means I repeat one word of phrase several times in a row. Hubby says I sound like a skipping record (for those of you old enough to remember those things!)! Nice, don't you think?

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Mental P Mama said...

You guys haven't caught a break on the health front lately. And good for you for reading the psalms for your exercise. I think reading them aloud makes them more special....