Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finally - Pictures!

Hi All!

Finally! I have got some pictures to show you! I almost didn't but, I got myself outside after my walk and took some just for you!

This is a weird shot of the bloom on a plant which is supposed to be lavender - however, it is a different kind of lavender than I had before. I like the flowers . . .

My Coreopsis is struggling in its pot. I think it might not have enough room with the ivy and the other stuff (I forgot its name). Then again - the Coreopsis that the association planted in its flowerbeds didn't come back this year - aren't they supposed to be perennials??

The Blanket Flower in the front bed is blooming its heart out. Of course, that means that I "get" to deadhead pretty much every single day!

This is such a pretty, delicate flower. I forget what the bush is called but it looks very similar to the Butterfly Plant I have in the back flowerbed.
Well, that is the tour for this morning. What do you think?
Yesterday, I worked at the speech therapists' office. It was fun but the regular person will be back today and I am looking forward to just messing around. I enjoy the challenge of the work - having to multitask. However, I can live without that particular kind of challenge. It doesn't take that much thought!
One of the therapists did ask if I was interested in doing some typing for her from my house. I said - "Sure!" I mean, I can type pretty quickly and it is an easy way to make some extra money!
How much do people make for typing anyway? I have no idea how much to ask for!
Oh well - I have some time to investigate that!
My morning walk/swim was very nice this morning. The walk to the pool was a bit sweaty but the water was nice and refreshing and by the time we left, it had clouded up and there was a nice breeze! Lovely.
It is amazing to me that while swimming I can actually think of nothing. I have never been able to do that before but, while swimming it is possible. Yes, I have to think about moving my arms and legs and breathing but that is it. Nothing else creeps in to bother me. I don't ponder things. I just . . . .swim. How nice and relaxing!
When I finish my laps (26 today!) I do some push-ups and triceps lifts in the pool (easier that way - trust me!) and then I float. I just float. This lets me relax and I usually pray during my floating. This is the perfect way to start a day!
Last night I was tired when I got home from "work." I made dinner and then could hardly move to do anything. I did read a little but found that even that was tiring! So - I picked up my handy iPod and listened to some podcasts - you know how addicted to them I am! I listened to the first chapter of an Audio book called Shadowmagic by John Lenahan. It was short but it certainly caught my attention! Now I am downloading the entire book.
The first chapter involved a young man and his father. Apparently, the father is an expert in ancient languages and actually SPEAKS them! His son, having grown up with this practice, can also speak the languages. Both father and son are at home getting ready for the day when they open the door to a pair on horseback. The father immediately tries to attack the woman (but ends up hitting the man who falls off his horse and disappears). Did I mention that the visitors are in full battle armour?
Somehow, the father and son are captured and when waking up from a brief spell of unconsciousness induced by the capturers, find themselves chained to a wall in a dungeon.
Strange? Yep.
A bit "out there?" Sure.
Interesting? You bet!
I will be following this story on my iPod and I will let you know if the rest of the story is as intriguing as the first chapter!
Voice Update: Having a few hesitations that are not making me happy. I guess I need to step up my game - so to speak!

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