Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Peaceful Night

Hi All!

I slept like a baby last night - getting up once! Okay - twice!

Skor has found a nice sleeping place on my night stand (I had to clear it off so he didn't get into trouble with any books or stuff) and also found a good spot at the head of the bed between Hubby and me. He didn't bother us much at all - a little in the beginning of the night and a bit in the morning.

My other kitty - Miss Cleo - also found her place on the bed during the night. She slept at our feet. Well - she slept there until she had a hairball there at about 3:00 A.M. That was one of the times I got up. Today I will be washing the duvet cover!

In the morning, Miss Cleo came to snuggle at my side before I got up just like she used to before Skor came on the scene. Skor even left her alone for the most part. He did try to get my attention by lying on my chest and purring loudly but, he didn't attack Miss Cleo like he has been doing. I have to admit that I really like my moments with Miss Cleo before getting up to face "the world." They are calming and I love to hear her purr.

Yeah! It was a very peaceful night!

On the sign language scene, I went to lab yesterday morning. If you remember, I was planning on changing my normal times so that I could avoid having to work with HER. Well, so far, so good!

Lab yesterday morning was rather peaceful itself (I seem to have a peaceful theme going on today, don't I?). There were only about four students in the lab and one of them was another ASL 2 student (different class though). I worked with her and completed two different lessons. We had fun chatting in sign language and learning the new lessons. It was actually fun!

I plan on continuing my plan of avoiding HER and going in the mornings. It seems to be a good plan. Of course, I will still see her in class but my interaction with her is pretty limited there. I do wonder what I can do to make her understand that I am NOT joking around with her and that I don't really appreciate the way she jokes. Such difficult questions!

Let's see . . . there was something else I have been meaning to tell you . . . OH! I remember now! My iPod saga is finally completed (I hope!). I got a new (or reconditioned) iPod last week. I must admit that by this time I was in a horrible mood about the entire situation. I had NO desire to get the darn thing and probably wouldn't have if Hubby hadn't gone with me and basically gotten it for me. I didn't even want to take the thing out of the box.

Part of the reason for my horrible attitude was the fact that the last guy I talked to at Apple once again told me the problem HAD to be my computer despite the fact that I had done all kinds of things to ensure it WASN'T my computer! Another part was that I was afraid that it WAS my computer and that this iPod would be all messed up as well and then I would have to deal with the COMPUTER people!

Anyway - Hubby basically forced me to get the new iPod (it might be reconditioned - even the Apple people couldn't tell me which). Then, he laid on a nice, thick guilt trip that any mother would be proud of until I actually got the thing out and connected to my computer.

Luckily, it works! Perfectly! And it has been working for several days in a row - something that my old iPod couldn't do! I want to go back to the Apple store and say "Look at this! It ISN'T my computer you dorks! It was YOUR iPod that you said COULDN'T POSSIBLY be causing the problems! Nanny, nanny, boo-boo!"

Would that be immature?


Voice Update: Okay - Hubby is worried. He isn't worried that my voice is getting bad (it isn't) but he is worried about my therapy. You see - therapy this week is cancelled because Susan is expecting her first grandchild and is there waiting for the induction and birth. I don't remember if it is her daughter or daughter-in-law and I don't remember exactly where the future grandchild is located. All I know is . . .no speech until October 15th. For those of you with calendars handy, that is a month from my last appointment. Hubby is worried that I will slack on my exercises - and I must admit that he may be on to something. I promise to get Mr. Timer out and get working today! I promise. Really!


Mental P Mama said...

Those cats are too funny. Now get your timer and do your exercises. Now;)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Do those exercises!

I'm glad your cats are settling in together and what wonderful news about your ipod! It's amazing how the attitude we get from "the experts" affects our enjoyment of their product!

Have a great day!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Not immature at all-- go in there and stick your tongue out at them!! I'm loving my ipod (yes, I was forced into technology by my hubby as well), and didn't realize how important music is to my well being. Moving as often as we do, and then having to get rid of our 110 electronics, I went for over a year with no music (and the radio shows here talk. a lot). Love the ipod. I hope you have as much fun with yours!

Flea said...

Proper practice makes perfect. :)

Yay for the iPod! Boo for the Apple genius!

Adding you to my blogroll. I'm a slug.