Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi All!

Thank you for the kind comments about HER! And, yes, Coffee Bean, I tend to be a little competitive!

Well, there is justice is the world! Yesterday I went to lab really early hoping to finish everything I was behind in. As soon as I walked into the lab, both lab assistants began telling me to ignore HER because SHE didn't know what she was doing in ASL and that I know more than SHE does. That made me feel better.

I did tell them that SHE had made me feel stupid because she kept correcting me. They were not happy about that. The lab assistant I worked with this time, Sherry, told me to point HER out when she came in because she didn't know the name with the face. However, once SHE came into the lab, Sherry looked at me smiled.

A couple of other women from my class joined me to work with Sherry in practicing Unit 16. I was happy because these women are very nice and are fun to work with. Then. In. SHE. Walked! SHE joined our group (not next to me, thank goodness!). I did have a little chuckle when Sherry had to "yell" at HER because SHE wasn't paying attention! Tee hee!

As I was leaving the lab Sherry asked me if that was HER and I said "Yep." Sherry just told me again not to worry about her! Apparently, the Lab assistants don't like her because she is arrogant and argues with them when they correct her. Way to make friends!

So - it might not be nice but . . . I am still gloating!


Voice Update: I have really been working on my massage. I did it at every single stop light I hit (every RED light) on my way to and from class last night. I also massaged as I was watching TV before going. The exercises - not so much! I know, I know. I NEED to do them but . . . I am still in my funk and DON'T WANT TO TALK - even to do exercises!


noble pig said...

Ha! It's okay, becuase YOU know what you are doing.

Mental P Mama said...

The high road is always the best. Not the easiest, but the best. Well done!