Monday, September 29, 2008

Johnny Cash and Skor

Hi All!

A while back Hubby and I went to see "Ring of Fire," the musical about Johnny Cash. Ever since then I have been intrigued by his life story. I picked up a copy of his biography, The Man Called Cash: The Life, Love, and Faith of an American Legend by Steve Turner.

I just finished this book last night. While it gave me a lot of interesting information about Johnny Cash, it was not written is a way that made a lot of sense to me. The author seemed to jump around in time, often within one paragraph. For example, in an early chapter the death of June Cash is described as well as the effect it had on Johnny. Then, in the next chapter, Johnny is just meeting June. It wasn't particularly difficult to follow but it didn't sit well with me.

Am I a literary snob?

The book is a good source of information and contains many quotes from Johnny Cash songs as well as scriptures which guided his work and life. There were many interesting facets to Johnny Cash including his interest in prisoners despite never being in prison himself. Also, the fact that he and his band played practical jokes in the hotels they stayed in (like painting the entire room a different color!) was amazing considering the reputation Cash had as an upstanding, Christian man (of course, I didn't know too much about him prior to reading the book).

If you are a country music fan or a Johnny Cash fan, you may consider reading this book. If you are just a fan of good biographies . . . there are probably better ones out there to engage your interest.

On to the Skor update: Skor is getting adjusted . . . slowly. Last night he really didn't bother us at all until about 5:00A.M. when I made the "mistake" of getting up to go to the bathroom. Apparently, to Skor, that meant it was time to play.

I did learn that he likes to burrow down under the covers to sleep. He slept for about twenty minutes curled up behind my knees. Talk about an interesting feeling - fur behind your knees!

Skor still likes to annoy Miss Cleo who is being a wonderful little girl - considering the annoying little kitten who runs around her all the time! She growls at him and hisses when he gets "up in her face."

I don't blame her. Poor Miss Cleo!


Voice Update: My voice is doing well. I did some massage yesterday (not too much though) and hope to get motivated to do more this week. Of course, I have speech therapy this week so . . . I had better get going or face the "wrath" of Susan!


Mental P Mama said...

I love Johnny Cash. And when I was reading your post I must have blinked and missed the first paragraph about Skor. I thought Johnny Cash liked to sleep burrowed in the blankets for 20 minutes. When I got to the part about sleeping behind your knees, I backtracked!

noble pig said...

I love Johnny Cash too and love reading biographies, this one sounds interesting.