Friday, September 5, 2008

Rain, Beautiful Rain

Hi All!

Hubby and I are still in Ohio enjoying our visit. Yesterday we made our round to the local stores which we don't have in Texas. We hit Marc's, a discount store that usually has all kinds of fun things on closeout, K-Mart, to buy Hubby some Ohio State lounge pants and some Cleveland Indian lounge pants (for some reason you just don't find those in Texas!), and then to Drug Mart, another discount kind of store which usually has some interesting things to look at. Hubby bought a few things we need at home (and the lounge pants) but me . . . I couldn't find ANYTHING!

Wait! I did buy an $.89 bottle of water at the gas station to take my pills with while Hubby filled up the rental car. Isn't that exciting????

Anyway - it was fun to drive around the area and check out all of our old shopping "haunts" and Hubby is thrilled with those lounge pants.

When Hubby and I visited Mom and Dad and Uncle Ken at the farm on Wednesday after going to the dentist (no cavities for either of us!) I did get a book from the Amish restaurant. Mom and I have been reading a series by Wanda someone and it is pretty good. I am already more than half done with the book.

As I am sitting here blogging, it is trying really hard to rain. It sprinkled for about five minutes and then stopped and started and stopped and started. I hope it decides to really rain because that is something I haven't really seen too much of for a long, long time at home. From what Mom tells me (and from the slightly brown grass I can see for myself), they need the rain here as well. I love rain!

Did you know that Robert Schumann(the composer) had a wife who was also a talented composer? Or that Mendelssohn (also a composer) had a talented sister who composed? Somehow, the women musicians of that era got completely ignored despite their talent. Right now I am listening to a CD that I bought at another favorite discount store (for a quarter!) with music from these talented ladies as well as two other women composers who I have never heard of.

You go girls!


P.S. I should tell you that my neck is much better. It hurts from where I was massaging it but the muscles are all loosened up again. I told Hubby that I was worried about dystonia and he told me that was silly and reminded me that during dinner with my friend the previous night I had turned to look at her all during dinner and that was probably the reason my neck was hurting. Smart man!

Voice Update: My voice is good and is shocking people who haven't heard me for about 6 months (since our last trip north). I am talking a lot more than I normally do at home pretty much every day because there are all kinds of people to talk to. I think it makes me a bit cranky because my voice gets tired and I still push myself to keep talking. I haven't done exercises because I am doing all the talking. I haven't done much massage because of the stiff neck - I know, I know - not a good excuse!


Mama Goose said...

Sounds like you're having a very nice visit!

noble pig said...

Congrats on the lounge pants!