Monday, September 1, 2008

Mom's Home Cooking

Hi All!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday but Hubby and I were en route to my parents' house in Ohio! Fun, fun!

The flights (two because you can't get anywhere from Dallas directly on SouthWest Airline) were good and, luckily, not full so Hubby and I got to sit in the window (me) and aisle (Hubby) seats without anyone between us! Room to move around! How novel!

We are here in Ohio and had a very warm welcome from Mom (who, by the way is watching me type this so I had better be complimentary!) and Dad and Sammy - their white West Highland Terrier. We had a scrumptious meal of roast pork with potatoes, carrots, and Hubby's favorite "Floor Show Bread."

What, you may ask, is "Floor Show Bread?" Well, it is really only garlic bread toasted under the broiler. The reason Hubby calls it "Floor Show Bread" is (Yes Mom, I am telling EVERYTHING I know!) that Mom has a habit of talking while preparing it and then forgetting that it is under the broiler. This causes the toast to start flaming. When she whips the pan out of the oven with the bread in flames, Hubby likens it to a floor show. He really enjoys the show! Mom on the other hand . . . not too enthusiastic about it. Dad . . . he just smiles.

Mom wants you to know that this "Floor Show" only happened twice during our last visit to Ohio. Let the record reflect that on this visit, the bread remained flame less.

I am looking out of Mom and Dad's office window as I type this - quite a different view from my home computer (where I basically look at a wall). Here, I look out to a large backyard full of flowers (did I mention my mother is quite the gardener?) and with the occasional animal visitor in the shape of deer, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, foxes (which I have never seen), and other assorted wildlife. You don't get that in Texas! Well, not in the part of Texas I live in, anyway!

It is really nice to experience all of this nature in the suburbs! Sitting out on the deck eating a meal is accompanied by about a trillion (maybe a LITTLE exaggeration) different birds visiting the multiple feeders. I could sit out there for hours just watching the birds flit around. The hummingbirds show up to load up on the sugar water in three different feeders and Dad tries very hard to keep the bees from stealing all of the sugar water first.

It is nice to come home!


Voice Update: I am feeling a bit cranky today - maybe all of the travel? It seems like my voice is doing well and I did some serious massage while sitting with Dad at the table while Mom was making pie crust for a peach "jello" pie. I haven't done any inhale exercises because I am speaking so much more here than I normally do at home. Even talking to myself all day doesn't have me talking as much as talking to "real" people here does!


Coffee Bean said...

OH! Have fun visiting home! I'm jealous! And... I have a sudden craving for peach pie. Thanks.

noble pig said...

Oh hey I want a picture of the garden? Please, it sounds beautiful!

Ecolo said...

Hearing you talk about your parents makes my heart tender. Please give them lots of hugs and love. Time is short. Take care.

womaninawindow said...

Sounds wonderful. Wondering what part of Ohio? We're going down soon to visit my husband's family in the Dayton area. Maybe close to where you're sitting right now?