Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Hi All!

Yesterday was one of those days with both good and bad news. I completely understand why those good news/bad news jokes are so funny - it is because those kinds of things really happen!

I am going to start with the bad new - you know - to get it over with!

Well, I had told you that I was getting a new iPod, right? I thought I would just boogie down to the Apple Store - AGAIN! and turn in my old iPod and be handed a nice, shiny, new iPod. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

I got there, checked in and sat on the little stools until my name was called (everyone was very subdued this time - no ranting and raving!). Then I trotted up to the counter and started talking to the "genius." Once more I had to explain everything that has been going on with my iPod and I ended with the fact that the woman at 1-800-aplcare told me that I should just get a new iPod. Clearly the Genius, Adrian, was not impressed. The first words out of his mouth were . . . "And what kind of a computer do you have?"

Geesh! Here we go again! Apparently not owning an Apple computer makes me the devil and my poor little HP is the root of all evil. I have heard this from every. single. person. I. have. talked. to. at. Apple. Enough! If your product doesn't "play nice" with PCs then why in the world do you market them as if they can? I swear, if there is a problem with my iPod and these people can't figure it out (some Genius, huh?) they just blame it on my computer. "We don't really have training on PCs so we can't tell you what is wrong with your computer."

MY COMPUTER - not THEIR precious product! The nerve!

Okay - taking a calming breath. In . . . . and out . . . . now. After going through all of this hassle and calmly explaining that I talked to the PC "genius" on the phone for over three hours and she didn't know what to do to fix the problem, Adrian grudgingly said he would read what it said in my file. Because I was lying to get a new iPod! Really!

After taking about ten minutes to read my "file," Adrian said that he would give me a new iPod even though he was almost positive that the problem was my computer - nice passive aggressive move, Adrian! he spent another five minutes entering some mysterious info into the computer so he could print out the appropriate paperwork. He had me sign the papers and then told me that he had some bad news. They didn't have an iPod to give me.

An Apple Store that doesn't have an iPod to give me? What???

Apparently, they only have a certain number of iPods that they can give to customers in exchange for faulty ones and the store was out of their allotted number. And did I mention that it might not be a new iPod at all? That is right! It may be a reconditioned iPod which, Adrian told me, I should consider to be brand new. If that is the case, then why does it only come with a 90 day warranty instead of a year like the new ones do?

So now I am waiting for the Apple Store to call me to let me know that they have an iPod for me. Fun, fun. At least they "let" me keep my old, dead iPod. For what reason, I am not sure. Maybe so I can look at it longingly? Whatever.

Deep cleansing breath . . . . .

Now for the good news. Roxie called us last night. Who is Roxie, you may ask? Well, she is the cat courier. She is the woman who is picking Skor , our new Ragamuffin kitty, up and flying him down here to us. That is right - we should be getting Skor very, very soon! Her flight is supposed to get into our airport at about 9:45 tonight - late, I know but, we would have picked him up at midnight just to get him!

We are excited. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it all works out!


Voice Update: My voice is doing well. I was massaging my throat yesterday while waiting for the "genius" to tell me I couldn't get an iPod. A few people looked at me askance but . . . who cares!


Mental P Mama said...

A new kitty trumps an ipod any day! Hope it all works out;)

Coffee Bean said...

Wow... if you are the devil you are a lot nicer than I thought the devil would be! LOL!

(shhhh... I don't even own an iPod)

My Mom just flew a puppy in for our friends and y'all are having your kitty flown in... that makes me laugh. I guess gone are the days of picking up your pet from a cardboard box outside of the Wal-Mart.

noble pig said...

Here is my take...I will in no way spend one dime on an IPOD. They are overpriced and ridiculous and have WAY too many restrictions as far as downloading and where you can put your songs etc. I have a great MP3 player but refuse to buy this product. Did that help you? Not really.

womaninawindow said...

OK, what's up with the Apple people? Don't they know they're supposed to be conciliatory? Jerks. I'd threaten to just return it for money back. Then if they don't bite, drive across town with your refund and buy a new one somewhere else.