Sunday, September 21, 2008

May It Rest In Peace

Hi All!

It is dead, totally, stone-cold DEAD! What am I talking about? My poor, beloved iPod.

A couple of days ago I posted about going to the Apple Store and waiting (and waiting and waiting) to talk to a Genius at the Genius Bar so that my poor iPod could be fixed. And, what the Genius told me worked - for a grand total of about 12 hours!

I was sooooo happy that I almost cried! My iPod was working properly! Amazing! A miracle! And THEN. It happened. Suddenly the iPod began freezing up. It started automatically resetting itself (something which normally involved pressing two of the buttons at the same time for about five seconds). It randomly skipped around to different podcasts while I was listening (or trying to listen) to one of my favorite podcasts. It told me that Klondike (the solitaire card game) that I have become addicted to was not able to load. WHAT?????

This was WAYYYYY more than just a problem syncing music which could be fixed by disabling the virus scan. This was edging into the "slightly freaky" part of weird.

While I was at the Apple Store the wonderful Genius, Terry, told me that if I continued to have trouble (I am sure that he never imagined anything like THIS!) I should call the 1-800-aplcare line to talk to a PC expert. They could surely help me.

So - yesterday morning I dialed. After facing the wonderful automated male voice (whom I have decided to call Earl) who sounded almost hurt when I told him (repeatedly because my voice apparently didn't register too well in their voice recognition program) I wanted to speak to a representative, I was put on hold. Normally being on hold intrigues me because there is some weird music to listen to. While I listen I wonder just who at that business is in charge of the hold music and how in the world did they pick THIS? This time, however, the hold music was so quiet that I really had to concentrate to even hear that it was music. Oh well!

Eventually (quicker than I was anticipating if truth be told) I reached a real, live person. She asked me what was the problem and . . . I told her. She listened silently and, when I was finished, said ,"Wow! That is amazing. I have never heard of that happening before." Great - I am making history. Not exactly how I wanted to make my mark on the world!

We quickly became best friends as she guided me through several "sure fixes" which, of course, didn't work. As each new effort failed, her amazement grew. After the third "sure fix" didn't work, she said she was just going to give me a new iPod and made an appointment for me at the Apple Store to pick it up. Wasn't that nice? I was feeling satisfied until her closing words . . ."If you continue to have problems with the new iPod you know the problem is with your computer. Then you will have to deal with your computer's help people." Great.

At least I have a 50/50 chance that the new iPod will work!


Voice Update: I found out yesterday that I can yell a bit. It wasn't a real "yelling to save my life" kind of yell but I definitely raised my voice. I haven't been able to yell for almost two years so this is a HUGE milestone! I am still working on my massage and exercises and know that , while I am able to yell, it doesn't leave my throat feeling too good so I probably won't be doing it again for a long, long, long, time!

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