Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Reading Room

Hi All!

Well, it is time once more to introduce you to the books I have read recently. These books are a little outside of my "normal" reading preferences but, I have to say that I have enjoyed them all.

First, a journey into the world of Jurassic Park. This book, Thunder of Time by James F. David, was one of my book sale finds for a whole fifty cents. I always try to find some "different" books at the sale and . . . this time I did!

When I began reading this book, I was a bit unsure. I don't like violent or gory books and mixing dinosaurs with people. . . I was nervous. The premise of this story is that due to the nuclear testing done in the days during and after World War II, small tears developed in the space-time continuum and after several decades, these small tears joined together to make gaps. These gaps allowed the crossing of the timeline of the Earth. Suddenly, large areas of the modern world disappear and are replaced by areas from the Cretaceous period - dinosaurs and all.

You can imagine the chaos which ensues. New Government offices are developed to deal with the "time quilts" as they are called and the dinosaurs. It is believed that the holes in the space-time continuum are closed. Dinosaur rangers are trained to keep the dinosaurs in the time quilts and away from the population. Some time quilts are even turned into tourist parks (of course!).

Things seem under control until . . . new time quilts start to appear with dinosaurs outside of the Cretaceous period. Now it is vital to find out why and to find out how to stop it before the world it taken over. By dinosaurs.

I recommend this book for people who like suspense. There are some people who get chomped by dinos but the writing isn't too graphic. There is a nice good vs. evil sub-theme in the book which kept me wondering and reading. Overall, a good read and I might seek out more of James F. David's books.

Next up is Blow Out by Catherine Coulter.

This one is an FBI Thriller (see - it even says it right on the cover!) and was given to me by my favorite Aunt Donna.

An FBI agent meets a ghost while he is changing a flat tire in the middle of no-where. He and his FBI agent wife are called into duty to solve the murder of a Supreme Court Justice which continues to get more and more complicated.

What else can I say? It is a good read and entertaining. I really enjoyed guessing at who did it and must admit that there is a bit of an unexpected twist at the end which I never saw coming. If you like FBI stories - pick this one up!

Finally, Hide by Lisa Gardner (ok - my underlining is doing weird things . . . the title was supposed to be underlined). This book was another gift from Aunt Donna.

I just finished this book last night and I must admit that I needed some "snuggle" time with Hubby to ease some of my creepy feelings. Not that this book is overly creepy. It is just that I have an active imagination and last night . . . I could imagine being in the book and in the situation!

Start with a family that is constantly on the run. They move and completely change their identities every year or so throughout the life of Annabelle/Tanya their young daughter. Add an underground hideout containing the mummified remains of six young girls. Stir in a handsome detective and an ambitious and driven female detective. Throw in a pinch of a supposedly haunted and abandoned mental institute as well as a dash of paranoia.

It is a good mix which had me reading and not wanting to put the book down. I will admit that the ending took me by surprise even though I thought I had everything figured out about three quarters of the way into the book.

All three books this time were good reads which I could recommend. None of them were books which lead to deep thoughts and life changes but, they were fun, fast, and very, very enjoyable!


Voice Update: I am finally being a good girl and doing my exercises! The timer is ticking away as we speak! YEAH! I am really not out of my funk yet but, this might be the first step!


Mental P Mama said...

Yikes. I don't like scary books, but am thinking about reading "The Shack." Have you read it? Glad the funk is almost over;)

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