Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Farm, a Dentist, and a Pain in the Neck

Hi All!

It is Wednesday and the beautiful weather is continuing here in Ohio! My parents are off to the farm that they own about and hour and a half south of Cleveland and Hubby and I are getting ready to head to the dentist. Yes, we still go to the dentist in Ohio even though we have lived in Texas for over ten years!

We had a dentist in Texas but he freaked me out when he told me at each cleaning that I should have an operation to make my tongue smaller! It involved taking a wedge shaped section out of your tongue and sounded horribly painful. I think my tongue is just the right size and have never had any other dentist or orthodontist tell me it is too big.

After Hubby and I get our cleaning and (hopefully) our clean bill of dental health, we will probably be off to the farm ourselves. I plan on riding the four wheeler that my parents bought a while ago. There is just nothing like riding through fields at full speed with the wind whipping in your face and the sun on your back! Hubby thinks I am nuts but he wasn't brought up with a brother who loved all kinds of vehicles (ATVs, Motorcycles, Gators, Golf Carts). I had to learn to drive them and to drive them fast or risk eternal humiliation!

We will probably go out to eat with my parents and my Uncle Ken, who lives at the farm. Mom wants to go to an Amish restaurant (which are known for their great food!) but we will see where we actually end up!

I woke up today with a really sore stiff neck. I took some aspirin and put some sports cream (the non-stinky kind) on but, so far, I am still having problems. When I move my head a certain way the muscles cramp up. Very Painful! This sort of makes me worry that I am developing cervical dystonia! Eeks! That really frightens me! (For those of you who may not know, dystonia is a related disorder to dysphonia, which I have. It is basically uncontrollable spasms in muscle groups in the body. The most common is cervical dystonia which affects the neck and shoulder muscles. It is very painful and also incurable.)

I am really hoping this goes away quickly today!


Voice Update: While my voice is still good, I am tired of talking. I went out to lunch with Hubby and his former co-workers yesterday and talked a lot. Then we went out to eat with a friend of mine and also talked a lot. When I got home . . . I was done! I am a bit cranky because I just don't feel like talking any more!!!! I haven't been doing exercises - I just haven't had time - but I did massage my neck for about four minutes last night. I hope that isn't why I am having a stiff neck this morning!


noble pig said...

What? I have never heard of a procedure like that! That's insane, I wouldn't go back either.

Mental P Mama said...

Yikes. Hope all went well. I would have changed dentists, too.

Ecolo said...

I can relate to the farm stuff you're talking about. It's great to ride the ATVs etc and just have fun. Both of my brothers lived in Amish areas of Pennsylvania and Indiana - Amish food is DELICIOUS!!! Sounds like you are enjoying the trip. My prayers are with you and your neck - you have ENOUGH ...*onias and don't need any more.

MUD said...

Doc, it hurts when I do this. Don't do That! Get some rest and don't ride the ATV with a stiff neck, I am sore for a week when I ride the mower for a couple of hours. MUD