Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Day is it Anyway?

Hi All!

Have you ever just totally forgotten what day it was? It happened to me yesterday. I got in from walking and sat down to play with the cats. For some reason, I decided it was Sunday so I didn't have a standing IM "date" with my mother.

Now, I don't walk on Sundays so why I decided it was Sunday . . . who knows! I am going to blame it on Skor. He is a wonderful kitten but . . . he is really energetic and likes to play in the middle of the night. Usually with my face. I have to wake up enough to push him off and tell him "No, Skor!" Even though I am pretty sure he doesn't know his name yet.

Multiply that times about ten and you get an amazing lack of quality sleep. Which leads to forgetting what day it is. Which leads to not talking to Mom - who then wonders where in the world I am. Which leads to not posting to my blog like normal. What fun!

My only consolation is that Skor is an equal opportunity "botherer." He bothers Jay during the night too!


Voice Update: I have been bad for the past two days and haven't done too much on the exercise front. Shame on me! There is just something about a lack of sleep that makes me less than enthusiastic.


noble pig said...

Lat Saturday I had absolutely no idea what day it was when I woke's a weird feeling isn't it?

Chris H said...

Sounds like Skor needs to GO BACK into the Guest Room!