Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mom's Yard

Hi All!

I know that I promised to show you some pictures of my parents' yard. You need to know that while I was visiting it was very, very dry there and so all of the color was pretty much drained from the flowerbeds, etc. However, it was still beautiful to me!

First of all, you need to know that someone is always watching you when you are on my parents' deck out back . . .

Isn't that cute? This little man is a bird house! The wood under him is supporting flower bags full of white and red impatiens. They were blooming while I was there thanks to Mom's faithful watering each morning.

This is a view from the deck. The yard stretching out is all my parents' until you get pretty close to the house back there. That house, by the way, is a pretty recent addition. There used to be just empty fields back there.

The deer like to run across the back yard (near the back of the yard) and then come up on the left side of the picture where there are pear trees and an apple tree. They also like to check out my Mom's flowerbeds (you see the round one here and then there is another round one to the left behind the tree) for any munchies.

My Dad spends a lot of time spraying foul tasting stuff on tender foliage to discourage the deer. Isn't he lucky to have that job???

The rope you see in the upper left corner of the picture is supporting the big birdfeeder (which you can't see) and a hummingbird feeder (which you can see). There is an additional finch feeder and hummingbird feeder hanging from the railing of the deck. Yes, the birds like Mom and Dad's yard!

I will show you more pictures tomorrow.


P.S. As we speak, the skies are filled with clouds from Ike. We haven't gotten rain yet but are due for a downpour anytime here. I hope that everyone who lives in areas hit by Ike are safe and if you have friends or relatives in that area that they are safe as well.

Voice Update: Lazy,lazy. lazy. Yesterday I didn't do ANYTHING! I know, I know . . . get my butt in gear!


noble pig said...

I have so been waiting for these! Thank you, what a beautiful yard, I love it!

Chris H said...

What a gorgeous backyard! And that birdhouse is adorable! Soo cute.