Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soggy Saturday and Memories of a Chinese Feast

Hi All!

It is a soggy Saturday here in Ohio. I woke up (late of course, I AM on vacation and didn't get to bed until past midnight last night) and saw that the deck was wet and the world had that nice grey look it has when it rains. Have I mentioned before that I like rain?

Mom tells me it was just a heavy mist but, I think that still counts as rain! All of Mom's flowerbeds need rain. The grass needs rain. The trees need rain. Ohio needs rain (well, THIS part needs rain - I am not sure about the entire state!). We all went out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurants, Hunan Coventry, last night and it rained the entire time - a nice light rain.

Our meal last night was wonderful. Hubby and I haven't found a good Chinese restaurant in our area and so we don't eat Chinese too often - usually only when we come up to Ohio and can visit Hunan Coventry. I have been seriously craving Chinese food. It has been horrible. I have even resorted to eating mall Chinese. I know, not a really good example of the cuisine but when you are craving Chinese and there is nowhere else . . .

I had the crispy and delectable sesame chicken. Whole chicken breasts breaded and fried crisp and then sliced and bathed in a semi sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Scrumptious! Hubby had his perpetual favorite, Triple Delight. This entails beef, shrimp, and scallops with peanuts and some insanely hot purple peppers the size of my pinkie all cooked together with a brown sauce. I always snatch one piece of the amazingly tender beef from his platter and can deal with the very spicy aftermath of that one morsel. Mom enjoys the sesame chicken and Dad loves pretty much anything so we always order one or two other dishes - last night it was beef and green peppers and combination fried noodles which had chicken, beef, and shrimp. All of these dishes served with steamed white rice makes for a veritable feast. Yum.

We have leftovers for lunch today. Is it noon yet?


Voice Update: I really, really, really, don't feel like talking today. I am in a bit of a fractious mood. This always seems to happen towards the end of a visit home when I have been talking a lot. I snuck some massage into the routine yesterday as we drove to the Chinese restaurant- not nearly enough but I did remember how sore my neck was after my last speech session and so I am dedicated to more massage to prevent that "lovely" feeling again.

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