Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day's Events

Hi All!

First of all, thank you so much for all of the kind comments about my last post. It can be so frustrating having SD and just knowing that people out there care (and some even understand exactly what I am going through!) really makes a difference.

Oops - Excuse me for a minute while I go get my friend "Timer!"

Yes, dear blog readers, I am doing my voice exercises like good girl! I think the funk is over - in terms of my voice anyway.

I am still having "issues" with HER in sign language class. I just don't like her. She is rather abrupt and is always arguing about things - like how to sign a sentence, etc. She told me yesterday in lab that she is heartless . . . she may have been joking but . . . it seems like she might be right!

I did have the pleasure of finding out that the way I signed a sentence was correct - the teacher told us. YEAH!

Let's see . . . I just got back from my walk. C didn't show up and I even went to her house and knocked. Her dog (a huge labradoodle - I know I spelled that wrong and the only suggestion spell check has is liberated!) wasn't there barking so I wasn't sure what was up. I guess my knocking woke her up and she came out right after I decided to keep walking. We missed each other! She did stop by my house to let me know what happened. Have I told you that I am enjoying walking with C even though I was a bit apprehensive at first? It is true!

Yesterday I spent some time in the Apple Store. That is not where I bought my iPod and I don't have an Apple computer or phone so I don't normally frequent this place. However, I was at the so-called "Genius Bar." That is what they call their tech support people. I would think that would be a lot of pressure - being called a genius! What happens if they can't fix something? Do they get their genius status taken away?

So I was at the Genius Bar to get some help with my iPod. Remember how much I love, love, love my iPod? Well, lately, it hasn't been so much because something has been wrong with the whole iTunes (the software on the computer which stores the music, etc.) and the iPod syncing (talking to each other). So I made an appointment and trotted myself to the mall to talk to a Genius.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, the Genius didn't talk to me like I was a moron who didn't know that computers need to be plugged into electricity to work (I have had experiences like that). The Genius I worked with, Terry, was very nice and spoke to me in terms I understood (and he told me that he was impressed with how much I knew!). He walked me through several different plans of actions (which I wrote down) which should stop the problem. He also explained why he though things were getting bunged up. It was a nice experience! AND - his advice worked! YEAH, Terry!

There is a bit of background info I will share with you. The Genius Bar takes appointments and then you wait until they call your name to see you. Yesterday they had apparently had a problem opening the store (???) and were about a half an hour behind. I had no where to be until ASL class at 6:30 P.M. so I was having no issue waiting but . . . there were several people who were just a "bit" ticked off! I was trying to keep them from charging the Genius Bar by just being calm. One lady even told me that she admired my calm during the increasingly tense atmosphere. Wasn't that nice of her?

I am happy I can be helpful - if even just a bit - by "talking down" those who don't understand that waiting is an indelible part of American life these days!


Voice Update: I have been a very good girl and have done my exercises and massage. My voice is responding to my TLC by behaving pretty darn well. I do know that last night, when I got called my Hubby on the cell phone, I had a bit of trouble but, then again, I always do on cell phones. Drat those things!


imbeingheldhostage said...

aaah, an Apple store. My hubby would leave me for a mac. :-) That must have been one major calm for someone to notice like that. Well done! ipod all sorted then?

noble pig said...

Sounds like a good day Ms. Patience! Glad you are also enjoying walks with your new friend.

womaninawindow said...

This is really really funny. I was imagining you in a Fall Harvest apples store, you know, red and green and edible. I read your post after this first and the whole way through I was wondering why there were computers at a market. Then I shrugged and thought, crazy modern times!