Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Potato Chips and Bananas

Hi All!

Believe it or not, we had some rain yesterday evening and last night. Of course, it wasn't enough to register in our rain gauge but . . . it was rain! It means that I didn't have to water my new flowerbed (how long can I call it new?) this morning which is a bonus!

Getting back into the regular routine of home after being gone is always interesting. Yesterday I got up and walked with C and then spent time catching up on my blog reading. I also printed out all of the info I had gotten from my ASL teacher about the classes I missed last week. Then, joy of joys, I got to go grocery shopping!

Grocery shopping in the very literal sense of the word isn't a real problem for me. In fact, I sort of enjoy wandering through the aisles looking for new things to cook for dinner. I also enjoy the looks of people as I talk my way through the aisles - on strict orders from my speech therapist! Talking to myself seems to make other shoppers a bit nervous around me. I wonder why???

Bringing the groceries into the house and putting them away, however, is another story. I really don't enjoy this part of the whole shopping trip. Especially in the summer. Lugging the bags from the car to the kitchen, which is on the opposite end of the house, is such fun in the Texas heat. Going in and out of the air conditioned house makes the heat even more noticeable and, well, hot. I work up a good sweat by the time the last bag is sitting in the kitchen and the garage door is closed.

And then I have to unpack. Since the sweat is already running it just keeps going while I go between the fridge, freezer, and pantry. By the time everything is stowed away I feel as if I took a shower in my clothes! Yes, grocery shopping (or the putting away of the groceries) is sure fun.

This week was a little cooler - thank goodness! I didn't work up the full shower strength sweat while unloading and unpacking. AND . . . I got a bonus.

I had bought potato chips - something that I rarely buy because I only eat them up by myself - and bananas. One of my shopping bags near the beginning of unpacking contained these two items (I thought it interesting that they would pack bananas with chips). I put the items away and continued unpacking. Reaching the last bag with a HUGE sigh of relief, I dug in and unpacked . . . potato chips and bananas.

This brought me to a very unusual pause in operations. I literally stopped and stood with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other as I pondered the fact that I must be going crazy. I mean, I had already unpacked this bag, hadn't I? I even looked at the counter where I put my bananas. Yep - there was a bunch of bananas. I looked at the chips in my hand and noticed that while they were rippled (crunchier and less greasy that way), they were a totally different brand than what I picked up in the chip aisle at the store. I opened the pantry and saw my chosen bag of chips. Hmmmm.

The very nice woman in front of my in line must have gotten home and not had her chips or bananas.


Voice Update: My voice is doing well but, honestly, I don't want to talk. I guess all of the talk in Ohio just wore me out. That isn't a good thing since I am going out to lunch with a friend today! I did massage yesterday but didn't do a whole lot of exercises. Bad, bad girl!


Coffee Bean said...

That's pretty funny! I don't really care for the unpacking and putting away after a trip to the grocery store either. Our freezer is all the way down in the basement.

It is getting cool here. In fact, the last two mornings we really could have used the heater. It seems to early to me so I haven't turned it on. I need to wash the filters before I do. I'm all bundled up in sweats and socks.

Karen said...

What are the odds of having those two items duplicated? And some poor lady surely is thinking "I know I bought those..."

Mental P Mama said...

I wonder what they taste like together....

noble pig said...

Oh bummer for her, bonus for you! That woman must be so bummed out!

Anonymous said...

How odd... I am usually the one to come home missing something I know I bought... not having "bonus" groceries!

So sorry about the heat and glad it is cooling down for you. We are enjoying our final blast of summer here with temps in between 75 and 80 for the next week. I am savoring it as it won't be back until at least May.