Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Headache Morning

Hi All!

You know those mornings when you wake up and know that you should just slide back under the covers and hide for the rest of the day? Well, today is that kind of day for me!

Nothing major has gone wrong but I have quite a doozy of a headache. That means that today will just be annoying - at best.


I walked with C this morning and while it was bearable, all I really wanted to do was to close my eyes and lie down on the cool grass for a while.

It is definitely a day I should have stayed in bed!

Of course, today is the day I normally go to the Deaf Action Center to visit with the Senior Citizens and I did miss last week. Maybe if I sneak in a quick nap I can still do that . . .


Voice Update: I just don't have the energy to relate it to you - I will catch up tomorrow.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh...take care of yourself.

Flea said...

You too? I woke with a headache. Just waiting till I can take some more Excedrin. Ugh. Get better!

noble pig said...

I hope it has gotten better!

dlyn said...

Hope all is well Trisha. I tagged you over at my place this morning!